Why You Should Buy My Kindle Book: It Will Show You Hidden Igbo History

I have a kindle ebook that tells everything I have found out about Igbo history. There is a lot that is being hidden, a lot of achievements Igbos have made. That is why I titled the book, ‘History Of The Igbo World. It is a must read for anyone proud of being Igbo.

If you want to see reasons why you should be proud of the Igbos, buy that kindle ebook. Do you know that 80% of Afro Americans from The US, Haiti, Jamaica, Brazil, etc are of Igbo origine?

Do you know that the Igbos are an ancient civilization like the Chinese?

Do you know that in the 10th century when countries like Britain were still trying to find their feet, the Igbos were already an organized civilization as seen in Igboukwu excavations? Continue reading “Why You Should Buy My Kindle Book: It Will Show You Hidden Igbo History”

The Oguta Igbo People Are One Of The Lukumi Aborigines Of Ile Ife

Like the Owu descendants of Obatala, the Osere Igbo of the halcyon Ile Ife fame the Oguta people of Imo State in today’s Igbo land have a festival called Owu Festival. Another name for it is the Okoshi Festival.  This is one of the festivals the Owu in today’s Yoruba Land also have.

The Oguta People have Osere title, which is one of the ancient titles Obatala had. Also, the Oguta People of Igbo Land have the Iyasare title, while the Ugbo People of today’s Yoruba Land (who are also aborigines of Ile Ife) have the Yasere title. These ‘coincidences’ cannot be dismissed as mere coincidences. There is a deep link somewhere. Continue reading “The Oguta Igbo People Are One Of The Lukumi Aborigines Of Ile Ife”

How Obatala The Oba Igbo Founded The Owu Empire

Today, we continue our expose of the Igbo aborigines of Ile Ife by revealing that the one of the aboriginal Igbo Kings (Obatala) of Ile Ife that Oduduwa met there founded the Owu Empire of today. Remember that the Obatalas had several extra titles, including Oba Igbo (King of the Igbos) and Obi Osere Igbo. Today, Osere is a title found in Owu areas of Igbo land, a link back to Obatala. But let us look at how the Owu’s were formed.

Note: Many do not want the fact exposed that the Igbos (of all people) are the aborigines of Ile Ife, and will dispute your facts even with insults if you bring it up. But the truth cannot be kept u Der wraps forever. It is not as if the Igbos are claiming Ile Ife. They just want history respected. That’s all.

Having said that, let’s jump into the matter at hand. Read below:

Obatala: Husband of the first princess of Ile-Ife, Iyunade, and father of Ajibosin, the first Olowu. He was also the Ifa High Priest and Spiritual Consultant to Oduduwa among many other monarchs in the now the West African sub-region. Ifa divination ability was second nature to Obatala being reportedly the son and scholar of Agbonmiregun Setilu, the acclaimed Ifa progenitor from Nupeland. Continue reading “How Obatala The Oba Igbo Founded The Owu Empire”

Igbos let us appreciate our sisters more

I have been hearing complaints lately from a lot of Igbo women that their brothers and parents don’ t appreciate them enough. Please, I want to beg my fellow Igbo: Let us appreciate our sisters more. Let us help them out. Let us try to reduce the burdens they carry traditionally (and they carry a lot).

Today, please find a way to show love and care to that sister of yours. Some Igbo ladies I spoke to of recent are even saying that other ethnic groups treat their sisters better. This should not be so. We are Igbos and natural reformers of society. Let us take leadership in this area, biko nu.

Igbo a ghagi ada. Igbo ga adi!