Time For A Black James Bond? Denzel Washington Fits The Bill

Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington (Photo by Leonard Adam/Getty Images)

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Denzel Washington is being added to the list of potential candidates who may portray the smooth, charming, debonair James Bond.

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Femi Aribisala on Igbo Governorship for Lagos

“What is peculiar about the article is that Femi Fani-Kayode himself is no more Lagosian than the Ibos he berates. The Fani-Kayodes are not from Lagos. They are from Ile-Ife in OsunState. Femi Fani-Kayode’s only legitimate claim to Lagos is that he was born there.

“But then so were many Igbos who are, therefore, Lagosians. Moreover, Igbo-Lagosians have one up on Femi Fani-Kayode. They live in Lagos. Femi Fani-Kayode does not. Igbo-Lagosians work in Lagos and pay taxes to the LagosState government. Femi Fani-Kayode does not. Therefore, what right does he have to write his diatribe against them? What right does he have to maintain Lagos does not belong to Igbo-Lagosians?

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African American Teen Sues Parents On Being Born White

Just read about a teen who sued his black parents for being born white. To the teen I say: ‘It may be a sign that your parents are Igbo, connected to the house of Eri, the Caucasian Igbo whose household united with Nubian communities to create the Igbo race. This ‘phenomenon’ of being born white from black parents is a common one among Igbos. It is nothing to be ashamed of. We see it as a sign that your ancestors were from the Igbo House of Eri. We accept you, but please drop the suit on your parents.

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Words For Chicken In Igbo And Bantu Languages

Ku is mostly a rootword for domestic fowls in Bantu languages,
Fowl is Kuku in Swahili.
Nkuku in Zambesi.
Nkogo/Nsusu in Congo.
Inkuku in Zulu.
Okuko in Igbo

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A Venda Film To Watch Suggesting Igbo Historical Contact

@ any doubters
Please try to watch the Venda film Nwana O Ngalangala ( meaning The Child Has Disappeared) its a Venda film you can download here [url]www.youtube.com/watch?v=ep4DYiQLasg[/url]. Note: Nwata is the Igbo word for child. Wow!
Let us tell you a little more about Venda. It is one of the official languages in South Africa. As we say at [url]Igbodefender.com[/url], Igbo socio-cultural/ socio economic influence from years ago can be felt right down to the Southern tip of Africa. We are proud of the Zulus and other Bantu groups because we see ourselves in them.

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Proto Bantu: Igbo And Bantu Words For Child Are Very Simmilar

The Igbo word for child is Nwata (plural is Umu); The Tsonga and Venda word for child is Nwana. The Zulu word for child is (um)twana; and some people will say Igbos were not the Proto Bantus. I just they laugh.

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Serena Williams and her 18th Grand Slam win

Serena Williams’ 18th Grand Slam win. This Serena is very pretty. Like her smile in the third picture. Which one is your favorite?

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Louis Farrakhan for Jamaica’s ‘Million Man March’

He wants to repeat the milion man march he organised in the US in Jamaica. That’s it, let US Afro Americans look outside the US. I recommend Latin American countries, where their Afro Americans could do with the help.

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Psquare Unveils 6th Album “Double Trouble” Album Cover


247TOPS BLOG: Psquare Unveils 6th Album “Double Trouble” Album Cover Art And Tracklisting|GIST,FACTS,FOOTBALL,EVENTS,FASHION,EVERYTHING TO YOUR COM


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Simmilarities Igbo and Bantu Words

The following writeup is are threads posted by Ihuomadinihu of Nairaland that support our theory that the Igbos have strong historical connections with the Bantus.

‘An Igbo name for God is Obasi.
Yako(Bantu) – Ubasi.
Ekoi(Bantu like) – Nsi.
Duala(coastal bantu) – Ebasi.
Bamileke(Semi bantu) – Si and Owasi.
Bambuti(Bantu) -Baatsi.
Ibibio(Bantu like) -Abasi.
It seems like the operating rootword here is ”Si”

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