British Fans Furious with England Coach Roy Hodgson For Not Picking Igbo Soccer Star Iheanacho For England’s Euro Squad

The  19-year-old Igbo star has broken into City’s first team this season and scored 12 impressive goals. Also, because of the speed of his goals he has been dubbed the most deadly striker in the English Premier League.

So, it was not surprising but also surprising that British fans were livid with England Coach Roy Hodgson for not including the Igbo striker in the English Team for Europe.  See some fan comments below.

Unknown to them, Nigeria has already snatched the services of the phenomenal playmaker.

He has already played twice for the senior national team the Super Eagles, and according to Fifa, once a player plays for a national team, he can no longer be selected by another country.

So, sorry England. This Igbo star is taken. If you want to snatch the next Austin Jay Jay Okocha, Kanu or Iheanacho, you had better send football scouts to Igbo villages and catch them young, before Nigeria snatches them from your grasp.

If you want to shine like Iheanacho, buy our ebook on Equianoism, the Igbo, Afro American Technique For Uncommon Success. Contact us with the phone number on our contacts page for more details. Nuff said.

Igbo Kwenu!

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Lessons From The Igbo State of Imo + Remembering Sam Mbakwe Of Imo 

Wow, Imo State has so many celebrities! I didn’t even know filmstar Kanayo O Kanayo and star blogger Linda Ikeji are from the state.


See more celebrities from the state: Renowned Celebrities From Imo State-the Eastern Heartland – Celebrities – Nigeria

When I think of Imo State, I always remember Mazi De Sam Mbakwe, the action governor that mobilized every citizen to contribute to build an airport for the state.

That man was great, and dear Igbo Defender, if you become a politician tomorrow, endeavor to emulate Sam Mbakwe. Look for some great project your state needs, and try to find a way to actualize it.

When you are doing it, the greatest factor you’ll face is not money or the lack of it, but Equianoism: You should think within the box, outside the box and beyond outside the box. There is always an answer somewhere. It is not impossible.

Even if you are not in government, if you are wealthy, try and do something memorable in your state/community. Let us all be like De Sam Mbakwe of Imo State.

Do it and some blogger you never met will one day write to praise you. Even if he doesn’t, the people you impact won’t forget you.

Okay, let me stop here for now.

Igbo Kwenu!


Igbo Striker Iheanacho Wins Best Fluke Goal And Best Disallowed Goal In English Premiership

Igbo striker Iheanacho scored the best fluke goal and best disallowed goal in the English Premiership this season.
Iheanacho scored the best fluke goal and best disallowed goal in the English Premiership this season.

19-year-old Igbo striker who plays for Nigeria Kelechi Iheanacho has been named the deadliest striker in the English Premier Leagues. This according to Manchester City’s Alternative End of Season Awards which held on Thursday.

According to the Awards, the Igbo striker whose name translates to ‘what the people want’ scored a goal every 93.88 minutes, making him the deadliest striker in the English league.

Iheanacho also won the Best Fluke Goal, Best Disallowed Goal, and Best First Touch awards on Wednesday.

Congratulations Iheanacho. Last month we also told you that a UK paper named Kelechi Iheanacho Europe’s deadliest striker, ahead of Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Iheanacho’s feat was probably gotten as a result of his application of the Igbo-Afro American success philosophy called Resourceful Equianoism.

Igbo Actress Oge Okoye Becomes National Unity Ambassador Of Numatvile City


Nollywood Igbo Actress Oge Okoye earlier today in Lagos joined the list of Top Nigerian Celebrities who become a National unity ambassador courtesy Numatville Megacity.

Congrats to her. This shows that her brand is still very hot! Igbo kwenu!

Source: Actress Oge Okoye Becomes National Unity Ambassador Of Numatvile City (Photo) | SIRKENAYO™

Nnamdi Okonkwo: The Release And Reinstatement Of A Framed Igbo Bank MD

When recently, the EFCC arrested Nnamdi Okonkwo, the hardworking Igbo MD of one of Nigeria’s most successful banks, Fidelity Bank, some Igbo haters went to town jubilating. They thought that was the end of him. It was as if they had won an N100 million lottery, as they popped champagne, and jumped up and down like kids who had been giving candy.

But not only has he been reinstated, the bank has gained a valuable new member for his team in the person of  Alhaji Mohammed Lawal Balarabe, an erudite banker, who will no doubt partner with him to take Fidelity Bank to the next level. Continue reading “Nnamdi Okonkwo: The Release And Reinstatement Of A Framed Igbo Bank MD”

Ndi Igbo, Have You Seen Innoson Jeep That Looks Like A Mercedes G Wagon? Buy One

Igbo owned car maker Innoson has unveiled a new SUV that looks like the famous Mercedes G Wagon. You can see the photo above. The semblance in so remarkable. If you are not told, there is no way you will know it is not a Mercedes G Wagon.

Ndi Igbo, let me say this is our own. For every Igbo man who loves buying cars; if you have 3 cars and an Innosson is not among them, better go and correct that mistake immediately. We cannot be shouting that the Igbo is marginalized while we fail to promote our own. Continue reading “Ndi Igbo, Have You Seen Innoson Jeep That Looks Like A Mercedes G Wagon? Buy One”

More Facts Emerge That Opobo And Bonny People Are Mostly Igbo

I have been saying on this blog for years that the people of Bonny and Opobo are of mainly Igbo origin. I told you in this post that the first Igbo bible was composed in Bonny Igbo (I wonder why they dropped it, maybe I will revive it.)

I have had the pleasure of speaking with people from Opobo, and I can tell you that the claims by some enemies of Ndigbo are blasted lies. For instance, if an Opobo person wants to tell you that she is cooking, he will say, Íkem n’esi nri. An Igbo from Anambra would say ‘A nam esi nri’.

Please reader, tell me: what is not Igbo about this?

Now I was browsing and I saw an article from–culture.html that tells us more about the Igbo origin and essence of Opobo. Please read, because some people are so afraid of the Igbos that they want to hide from them the fact that they have access to the sea, via places like Igweocha (Port Harcourt) and Igwe Nga (Opobo and Bonny). Igbo nile kwenu!

The Nwaotam cult emerged from the deity of ancient Ibani people called the Ottam people. These people were brought in mostly to satisfy the Europeans’ quest for human commodities in the 18th and 19th century. Continue reading “More Facts Emerge That Opobo And Bonny People Are Mostly Igbo”

The Real History Of Igbo Civilization Unveiled

The first Igbo

The founder of the Igbo civilization was a man named Eri Ben -Gad. He was Hebrew, son of Gad, grandson of Jacob, great grandson of Isaac, and great great grandson of Abraham. He was a man of ideas. To implement his ideas on democracy and enterprise (Equianoism) he and his household left the Chineroth area, known for bronze works, Cannan and settled among the Nubians in the Sacarra area [in today’s Egypt-Sudan].


There, he and some Nubian chieftains founded a democratic, Judeo-Nubian community. In order to maintain some ancient links with his original Hebrew (Jewish) people, he called the new community, the Igbos or the Heebos. Eri Ben Gad organized the community based on his idea that power belongs to the people, and should be exercised by the people [democracy].


He was able to spread his philosophy of achievement, Equianoism among his people, and encourage them to spread it all over the world. Soon people who faced persecution began to join the Heebos, drawn by the freedom of speech and action in the community. Before long, local powers began to feel uneasy about this new fledgling community, and tensions arose.


To avert conflict Eri led the Igbos southwards, towards the present day West Africa. The group settled in the region that today encompasses Nri, Aguleri and Umuleri. In fact, Eri’s house Obu Gad still exists in the Aguleri-Umuleri axis today. From this history we have glimpsed the emergence of what is perhaps the world’s only inter-racial ethnic group. Continue reading “The Real History Of Igbo Civilization Unveiled”

Igbo Land Is Becoming A Lawless Land, But The Lawless Shall Fail In Jesus Name!

Igbos are one of the most blessed lands in the planet earth, but since the end of the civil war, the place has been increasingly taken over by the wrong sought of ‘leaders’. We no longer have philosopher kings like Nnamdi Azikiwe, Alex Ekwueme, Chuba Okadigbo and others.

Leadership in Igbo Land has gradually been tken over by kidnappers, land grabbers and other kinds of vermin, who are boldly trying to push away the true leaders of the Igbos, that is, those who genuinly want to bring progress and development to the blessed land.

The situation in Igbo Land today gives cause for concern. How can a junior brother try to steal land belonging to his elder brother? What we see today is a land where there is no longer respect for tradition.

By tradition, the land of a father, where he lived primarily should go to the first son of that man. But these days, jealous relatives of the family could go and gang up against that first son, and push some other brother who is weak to try to steal that land. It will not work in Jesus name! Amen.

It is time for a rebirth of justice in Igboland. It is time for our governors, our policemen, our judjes, our Igwes to stand up for what is right.

The criminal elements in our midst should not be allowed to rule the roost because that would mean Igbo Land and the Igbo people loosing their true essence.

Let the real Igbo Land arise! Igbo land that prides justice over the aqcuistition of filthy lucre. It shall be so, it is already so in Jesus name! Amen.

No weapon fashioned against the just in Igbo Land shall prosper! Any tongue that rises agaist the just in Igbo Land, God shall condemn in Jesus name! Amen.

May those who grab lands belonging to others and use bribes to try and keep those lands be put to shame by their corrupt acts in Jesus name! May God himself, through God fearing judges and law enforcement officials expose and shame them in a way they never expected in the mighty name of Jesus, amen!

Origin of the words ‘Obatala’ and ‘Olukwumi’ (Lucumi)

He who was born in Igbo town and went to be king at Iranje. Divinity of Igbo.

Source: Attributes of Obatala

Obatala was not one person, but the surname of the aboriginal kings of Ile Ife. This is their story. Continue reading “Origin of the words ‘Obatala’ and ‘Olukwumi’ (Lucumi)”