Enugu Not A ‘Parasitic’ State- South East APC

Enugu has billions of dollars worth of coal deposits. Yes o. It is true, Enugu has enough coal to power Nigeria electrically.

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Afro American Rapper Lil Wayne Starting Sports Management Business

Soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is first client.

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Woman launches fundraising site GoFundMe.com to gain ‘white privilege’

If given a $5 contribution, Yaya snarkily says she will “agree to be the black friend you are referencing when you tell people ‘I’m not racist, I have a black friend!’”

If given a $65 contribution, Yaya writes she will “allow you to touch my hair without asking, enabling you to potentially absorb some of my magical afro powers.”

via Woman launches online fundraiser to gain ‘white privilege’ | theGrio.


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Is it true that Igbo is recognised as an official language in Equatorial Guinea?

I read this somewhere and was wondering if it was true. Does anybody know?

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Tribute To Ojukwu By Quid (With Translation)

I just like this tribute to the late Igbo and Biafran leader, Odumegwu Ojukwu that I saw on Nairaland written by someone named Quid and decided to post it here. If you don’t understand Igbo language, I have posted the translation by each sentence .

Dede Ojukwu (Mr Ojukwu).
Anu kporo nku n’eju onu (Strong meat that fills the mouth- I guess like saying ‘tough one to chew’ by any who dares try him)
Nwoke a na agba egbe o n’ata aki (Man who is being shot but is busy eating palm nuts instead of taking cover)
Ofu onye a n’asi “unu abiago?” (One person people address with “have you people come?” not “have you come?”).
Onye n’eji nkata echu mmiri (One that can fetch water with a basket).

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2015: Igbo in Lagos ready to partner with any political party if…

Says Ohaneze Ndigbo Chairman for Amuwo Odofin.Are ‘ordinary’ Igbos in Lagos being carried along in this project?

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Igbo Athlete Nkechi Opara Wins Nigeria’s First Medal In Glasgow

Here’s how she did it.You go Girl!

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Click Link Below To View Pharrell’s ‘Come Get It Bae’

Pharrell’s ‘Come Get It Bae’ shows love to all women.

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Wendy Williams will EP ‘Aaliyah’ film, new lead selected

Wendy Williams will EP ‘Aaliyah’ film, new lead selected | theGrio.

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Cyprian Emeka Uzoh: the Igbo inventor who holds more than 160 patents in the world

Read more about the Igbo inventor, Cyprian Emeka Uzoh: who holds more than 160 patents! Mr Uzoh holds more than 126 patents delivered in the USA and more than 160 worldwide in the semiconductors technology sector. He has also co-written more than 35 publications. Amazing, but then, not too surprising. Brilliant genius.

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