LAPD Shoots, Kills Unarmed Afro American Man Again!

What’s with all the hating? And shooting the guy multiple times while he was sprawled on the floor. I mean, who does that?

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Obi Patrick Simon, Batch (A) Corps Member Built And Furnished A Library In Abuja

See pix here.That’s Generous Equianoism.

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This Afro Brazilian Woman May Become Brazil’s First Black President

Her name is Marina Silva.Do you know that Brazil is the second most populous Black nation after Nigeria?

From a very poor family of rubber tappers, Marina has been lawmaker, minister and in the 2010 election surprised when she captured 19.5% of the vote photo:

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Unsupervised children cases shows the need for affordable childcare in the US

Editor’s Note:The challenge of -the mostly black – single mothers in the US is heart rending. They need a job to take care of their kids but often don’t have the family network to help out with the kids while they are at work. It makes life a harsh paycheck to paycheck struggle. Igbo Defenders, Afro American Defenders, it’s time we began doing something about this. Our sisters are suffering! Please read the excerpt below and the article on the link and then -if you live in the US – resolve to show some kindness to at least one single mother in the US today and tomorrow, And our brothers, grow a heart will you?!

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Jude Okoye & Ify Umeokeke’s Traditional Wedding! – Official Photos

Jude Okoye & Ify Umeokeke’s Traditional Wedding! – Official Photos

This is a handsome couple.

Jude Okoye and Ify Traditional Igbo Wedding in Anambra | SpacoMedia | BellaNaija 0032


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Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo Unity Cup first prize will be N2 million

The cup, which has been shifted to September is for all Igbo speaking communities in Lagos State and will be in honor of great Igbos like Chinua Achebe, Odumegwu Ojukwu, Kanu Nwankwo and Austin Okocha, say organisers.

According to Ladun Coker of the Lagos State Football Association, “We will offer Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo Lagos State all the necessary logistics and assistance they need towards organizing a successful competition.”

According to the organisers, the over all champion at the end of the competition will get N2 million, N1.5 million will go to the second placed team, the bronze medal will attract prize N1 million, while the fourth placed team would get N500,000.

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Is Okota Local Government Discriminating Against Igbos? I Hope Not

I recently had to go to Okota for business, and as I was driving through, I ran into a lady acquaintance. As we were headed the same way, she quickly got into the passenger’s side of my car and we got chatting. Our conversation turned to the terrible terrible state of roads in Okota, and she said something that shocked me.

She said that people had told her that the Okota local government people have refused to fix the spoilt roads and have also refused to allow the mainly Igbo residents of the area to pool funds together to fix same.

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Introducing my daughter to Igbo culture

I saw a DVD musical called Adaeze, featuring young kids singing songs in Igbo and decided to buy it for my daughter to watch, as part of my efforts to introduce her to Igbo culture (Dora the Explorer is okay, but we Igbos and mustn’t forget where we are from). Thankfully, she liked some of the songs.

I would have posted a photo of the DVD package here, but a young kid tore it all up, etc, etc.

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Been so long but I’m still here

Hello peeps, it’s been a busy few weeks, but you were never far from my mind. I will make it up to you all. Please wash your hands and avoid the Ebola epidemic. God help us all.


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Afro American Rapper Old Droog pens rap for MSNBC’s Tamron Hall

Tamron Hall… She’s amazing… a breath taking beauty.So its understandable.

Pls someone tell me: what’s her story?

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