Mass Killing Of 3 Million Igbos Seen By Some As An Achievement!

A Nairalander named Lord articulated the shocking hatred faced by the Igbos in Nigeria clearly when he typed,

It is deeply revolting that a letter from the Arewa groups would call the killing 3 million Igbos ( during the Nigeria-Biafra War, under the watchful eyes of Britain) a ‘lesson to Igbos.’ That the Northerners do not see a pogrom that killed 2 million people as excessive, unwarranted, and unjust, even after 50 years speak volumes. Whenever the East talk about marginalization and secession calls, instead of a conciliatory “we’d do better” tone, you’d hear a “it seems you want another pogrom” tone.

It is the view of many Nigerians that the Igbos should be treated badly and not be allowed to rear their heads to shine or express themselves. Some cannibalistic sounding people even type online about how Igbos would be slaughtered and used for suya ( roasted meat) if they do this or don’t do that.
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Port Harcourt, Bonny, Onne Ports At Stake If Igbos Chose Biafra Referendum

If you read between the lines of what the Northern youths, some of their elders have been saying, you will notice that their grand design is to isolate the South East Igbos from the South South Igbos and cut a South East independent Biafra off from access to the sea, then impose crippling export duties, trade, travel and emigration restrictions on it. In their recent letter to Acting President Osinbajo, the youths stated,

“The Igbo from all over the country and in the Diaspora should be advised to converge in their region in the South-East – notice they did not add South South where Igbo Land has Asaba, as well as the ports of Port Harcourt (Igwe Ocha), Onne, and Bonny (Igwe Ngaa) – for a plebiscite to be organized and conducted by the United Nations and other regional bodies for them to categorically to decide between remaining part of Nigeria or having their separate country. That government should at the end of the plebiscite implement whatever is agreed and resolved in order to finally put this matter to rest.

“Lastly, we pray His Excellency to study the references forwarded with this letter dispassionately and decide who is more in the wrong between those who openly pledge allegiance to a country other than Nigeria backing it up with persistent threats of war and those of us whose allegiance remains with the Nigerian state but simply urge that the secessionists be allowed to actualize their dream peacefully throw universally entrenched democratic options”.
You hav

Unfavourable Customs Union
If the South East allows itself to be deceived, the trade marginalization that they will impose will be worse than any marginalization of Igbo traders currently, because such a landlocked new country carved out from only South East will depend on Nigeria for every item they import or export. If the economy of such new country is growing, some people can just sit down in Abuja and decide to impose punishing tariffs on certain goods, making your goods too expensive in the international market, sabotaging all your efforts.
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White Babies Born To Black Igbo Parents Are Descendants Of Eri

In terms of complexion, you have 3 types of Igbos, the dark-skinned Igbos ( Nubian- Egyptian and other Black genes; light skinned Igbos largely as a result of the union between Eri Ben Gad’s household and the households of Nubian chieftains; and what we call the Signs of Eri in that is white Igbos born to black Igbo parents. This is possible because the Igbos are an inter racial ethnic group founded between Eri Ben Gad and Nubian chieftains in Ancient Egypt.

Till now, Western doctors and scientists have not been able to explain the phenomenon, but Igbo historians have the answer. Buy this book by the Igbo historian Prince Charles Offokaja to find out more facts about these Signs of Eri.

See Signs of Eri, otherwise known as white children born to black Igbo parents and confirmed to belong to the husband by DNA tests (lol at those who don’t believe the Judeo-Nubian origin of Igbos).

See links to some signs of Eri below:

Accept Your Igbotude, DMerciful Tells South South Igbos

Some Igbos from the South South have been convinced by enemies of the Igbo that they are not Igbo, despite the fact that they have Igbo traditional names and speak Igbo as their indigenous language. But a Nairalander with the moniker DMerciful has a word for those Igbos. He says they should accept their ‘Igbotude’. See what he said:

Some Igbos from Ikwerre, Anioma, Igbanke etc will say we are not Igbos. Denying your Igbo root will not help you in any way! If there is a war in the north, you are seen as full blooded igbos and won’t be spared whether you say you’re Ikwerre or not!

Also, the great marginalization of the Igbankes in Edo state cannot be overemphasized cos they were placed in a state were they are extreme minority but had it been the foolish military govt of IBB placed them with their kit and kin in Anoima, they would have been happier. Continue reading “Accept Your Igbotude, DMerciful Tells South South Igbos”

Igbo Youths Write UN Over Genocide Threat Against Igbos In Northern Nigeria

An Igbo youth group the Ohanaeze Youth Council, OYC, has petitioned the United Nations, UN, asking the world body to beam its searchlight on Northern Nigeria, following threats of genocide against the Igbos living there from October 1 this year.

Recall that some Northern groups have threatened to evict Igbos from the North from October 1 and sieze their properties amounting to billions, an action which would qualify as a crime against humanity, as the International Criminal Court sees genocide as any killing, persecution or eviction of members of an ethnic group because of their ethnic identity.

The letter signed by the group’s national president, Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro, and entitled: “A CALL FOR EMERGENCY IN NIGERIA- OUR TWO-POINT DEMAND,” reads in part:

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