Socio-Economic benefits of the recent move to abolish Osu Caste system

The Osu Caste system is a stain on the conscience of the Igbo race. To clean up the Igbo conscience Igbo leaders have long made efforts to abolish it. But some effects of the system have stubbornly remained.

Since the days of the Eastern Region in the First Republic, laws have been made outlawing the obnoxious system.

The latest efforts by the leaders in parts of Igbo land to end Isu Caste discrimination have great potential to increase Igbo unity and development.

It is important that all Igbos continue to make effort to end Osu Caste discrimination, no matter how stubborn it might be.

I have a dream. That one day, unbreakable unity will exist among all Igbos. O ga adiri umu Igbo nile mma!

Nya gazie.

Author: Prince Charles Offokaja

Prince Charles Oforkaja is an Igbo Prince ,Equianoist, Zikist, journalist, blogger,writer,voiceover actor, who loves promoting Igbo culture, celebrating Igbo achievement and exposing hidden Igbo history. You can contact me at +234 0810 0606 316 or +234 0909 8846 085