No Northern Leader Should Be Happy With The Insecurity In The North – Emir Sanusi

The Emir of Kanu Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, has stated that no Northern leader should be happy with the current insecurity in the North.

The truth is that no Nigerian should be happy with it. The insecurity in the North affects all parts of the country.

Crisis in a farming region leads to rise in food prices in other regions.

People from other regions have lost their life and property due to this insecurity.

The United States has even banned Nigerians of all regions from migrating to it.

It is an issue to be settled with the help of all. The first issue is to identify the root cause of the violence and proffer solutions to it.

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria lists Nigerian achievements in US

“They are some of the most educated immigrants in America. “According to the Migration Policy Institute, 59% of Nigerian immigrants age 25 or older in the US hold at least a Bachelors degree, which is nearly doubled the proportion of the Americans born in the US (33%),” Zakaria said.
“Nigerian immigrants tend to work high skilled jobs, 54% are in largely white-collar positions in business, management, science and the art compared to the 39% of people born in the US,” he added.

This, according to Mr Zakaria’s statement means that Nigerian immigrants have significant spending power.
The influencial journalist also cited a new report by the New American Economy which states that Nigerian immigrants in the US in 2018 made more than $14 billion and paid more than $4 billion in taxes.

Nigeria can rise again. Shout out to Mazi Chinedu Echeruo, Chimamanda Adichie, Dora Akunyili’s artist daughter and many other Nigerians for their positive contributions to US society.

Coronavirus: A Painful Death And A Hope For Life

“There’s no effective medicine. Doctors told me not to hold out hope, and she can only get through by herself,” he said...

Coronavirus is a disease that has wrecked havoc on humans this year. The Chinese know so much about this. Many of them have lost loved ones to it.

In the link below, we see a sad story of how the virus killed someone’s grandfather, and also a story of how another keeps up hope that his mother will survive.