Mass Killing Of 3 Million Igbos Seen By Some As An Achievement!

A Nairalander named Lord articulated the shocking hatred faced by the Igbos in Nigeria clearly when he typed,

It is deeply revolting that a letter from the Arewa groups would call the killing 3 million Igbos ( during the Nigeria-Biafra War, under the watchful eyes of Britain) a ‘lesson to Igbos.’ That the Northerners do not see a pogrom that killed 2 million people as excessive, unwarranted, and unjust, even after 50 years speak volumes. Whenever the East talk about marginalization and secession calls, instead of a conciliatory “we’d do better” tone, you’d hear a “it seems you want another pogrom” tone.

It is the view of many Nigerians that the Igbos should be treated badly and not be allowed to rear their heads to shine or express themselves. Some cannibalistic sounding people even type online about how Igbos would be slaughtered and used for suya ( roasted meat) if they do this or don’t do that.
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How Igbos Can Profitably Divest From Nothern Nigeria If Need Be

Hello Igbo Defenders,
As Nigeria swims in uncertainty following the quit order given to Igbos in the North by some Northern youth groups, a Nairalander with the moniker perfectchoice made a suggestion on how Igbos can avoid financial loss by getting the money’s worth of their properties. See below:

Igbo Investment in Northern Nigeria and the way forward.
Igbos in Northern Nigeria should not sell their properties to [any greedy person wanting to cash in on anti-Igbo hatred] instead this is what they should do to get value for their investments.

1. Approach any bank in Nigeria (East, West, North or south) and take an equivalent loan using you properties or investments as Collateral.
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Why Igbos Are Hated- Chinese American Professor

According to Chinese American professor, Amy Chua, ethnic groups that control national economies are bound to be hated. In a 2002 book she called World On Fire, she listed her fellow Chinese, Jews, Igbos and Lebanese as some market dominant groups in various parts of the world.

In the book, which is available on Amazon, she disclosed that:

The Chinese Filipino community is 1% of the population but controls 60% of the economy, with the result being resentment by the majority against the Chinese minority creating an ethnic conflict. The ethnic Chinese are a market-dominant minority not just in the Philippines but throughout Southeast Asia.

In 1998, Chinese Indonesians, only three percent of the population, controlled roughly 70 percent of Indonesia’s private economy, including all of the country’s largest conglomerate. More recently, in Burma, entrepreneurial Chinese have literally taken over the economies of Mandalay and Rangoon.
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