Today Is Proto Bantu Day, 2019 (Igbos Are The Proto (First) Bantus

Today, we the Igbodefenders of observe Proto Bantu Day, 2018.

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It is an effort to promote the fact that the Igbos were and are the Proto Bantus. They introduced Bantu culture or Bantuism to Africa.

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Today, there are over 250 million

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See Otobo Ugwudinoke, the Stonehenge of Igbo Land

Otobo Ugwudinoke is a place in the ancient Igbo iron smelting town, Lejja, Enugu State, Nigeria, that is filled with century-old columns of stones arranged in a near semi-circle.

Otobo Ugwudinoke is to Igbo Land what Stonehenge is to England
The ancient stones of Otobo Ugwudinoke, like the ones of Stonehenge, were placed there since time immemorial. Researchers the world over have been coming respectfully to study them.

You might have heard of the world-fanous Stonehenge. Well, these rocks also have a mysterious origin like the ricks of Stonehenge.

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