INEC Ballot Boxes, Military Shoes Now Made In Aba — Ikpeazu

Nice, but I expect more adoption of Aba-made products from the governments and the people of Nigeria.

It will save and create foreign exchange, provide employment, reduce crime, and contribute positively to Nigeria’s battered brand.

I also expect world class self-regulation and government regulation to ensure that best practices are adopted and maintained.

Aba can become the factory of Africa if well nutured.

Call For The Formation Of An Economic Group Of Igbo And Neighbouring Governors (EGOIANG)

The Igbo governors should form an Economic Summit Of Igbo And Neighbouring Governors to pull their states’ economic resources together towards mutually beneficial projects. It should be a working summit held and adjourned every two months. The purpose should be to start joint development initiatives where each state will contribute its quota and benefit economically. At the meetings, notes should be compared and new tasks shared out when necessary.
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Igbos: The Darkskinned ‘Foreign’ Investors Developing Nigerian Towns

The truth is that Igbos are really ‘foreign’ investors that invest in other parts of Nigeria. If South Africa brings in Shoprite, Igbos bring in Alaba Market and Chinese bring in China Town to your locality, Bros, that is development. okay, because we don’t look white abi? You see your life?

Shebi a foreign investor is any non-indigene who comes to your town and invests to build companies? Er you are! You see say OmoIgbos are big businessmen like the Lebanese, the Indians, the Chinese, the British, only they are from your country? Et you are! A prophet is not known in his country. Igbo eyaf suffer too much. Continue reading “Igbos: The Darkskinned ‘Foreign’ Investors Developing Nigerian Towns”

Arewa Youth Threat On Igbos: Develpeast Calls For Asset Recovery Fund

Following the recent disturbing call by some Northern Nigerian youth groups for Igbos to leave the Northern region, despite the fact that Igbos have the constititutional right as Nigerians to settle anywhere in Nigeria, and despite the myriad Igbo investments in the region, Develpeast a Nairalander has called for Igbos to set up an Asset Recovery Fund (ARF) to make sure Igbos recover the value of their huge investments in the region in the eventuality of their being forced to leave the region.

He also went ahead to provide alternative contingency plans. He further called for a grand convention of Igbos to converge on Igbo Land this Christmas season to develop contingency strategies based on his suggestions. He is of the opinion that Igbos cannot just leave investments worth billions if asked or forced to leave the North, as that would spike the crime rate in Igbo Land. It is good for Igbos to look at what he said. Read below:

The total assets of Igbos around the country can be put to 200 trillion naira as at 2016. This is quite a huge sum to leave for others to take advantage of. Our brothers must not come empty handed back to the east because it will skyrocket the vices in the region. I urge all of you to pedal down alittle so that we can set up Asset Recovery Fund (ARF).

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Ebonyi State Nigeria willing to allow businesses exploit its coal and zinc

Are you an investor looking for investments in emerging markets? You should strongly consider visiting Ebonyi State in Igbo Land, Nigeria. There is a growing rush to start exploiting its mineral deposite like coal and zinc, as the account of the state’s commissioner for Solid Minerals, Francis Orji indicates below:

He wrote:

I was in Afikpo yesterday with Chinese investors to ascertain the existence of huge coal deposits in Echara Mgbom, Amamgbala, Unwana, Edda. Continue reading “Ebonyi State Nigeria willing to allow businesses exploit its coal and zinc”