How to prepare nni ji (pounded yam) without aka odo (motar and pestle)

Pounded yam, known as nni ji in asusu Igbo, is one of the most loved swallow meals among Ndigbo.

I fondly remember how I enjoyed nni ji na ofe egusi (pounded yam and egusi soup) during the introduction ceremony of a sister years ago.

The problem is that many who live upstairs in rented apartments in Nigeria are prohibited by their landlords from pounding foodstuff with mortar and pestle.

Many of these people might miss pounded yam because it is not readily available in restaurants in the city. But life is short and therefore, must be enjoyed without procrastination.

So, when I saw the article and video link detailing how to prepare pounded yam without mortar and pestle, I knew I had to share it with you . Read and watch below:

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