Flavour and Phyno deserve rewards for promoting Igbo language in their songs

See what Igbodefender.com may give to Flavour, Phyno, for promoting Igbo Language in their songs.

Flavour and Phyno are two popular music artistes that have stuck to bringing out lots of jams in the Igbo language.

In a world where Igbo language is in danger of going extinct, they deserve double accolades. Their music has helped keep Igbo youth interested in the language.

Maybe Igbodefender.com should give them awards for this.

Kola Breaking Ceremony (Iwa Ọjị) Of The Igbos

Iwa Ọjị ceremony is the Igbo practice of praying over kolanuts, breaking them and sharing them to be eaten by all present as a sign of peace. It is usually done when hosts are receiving guests. It is also done in public events.

It can be compared to the British tradition of having tea with guests or the Japanese Tea Ceremony.

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