Free Igbo Language Course In Lagos

A lot of Igbo born and bred in Lagos cannot speak Igbo Language. If they were to return to Igbo Land, they could learn it with 3 months of serious effort. But that is not always a practical solution.

But while browsing online, we came accross someone who says they give free three-month courses on Igbo Language.

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Igbo mma mma nu! Let us speak our language more

Please, let us remember to speak Igbo to our kids at least once a week. In my house it is Thursday, and on that day we speak Igbo as a rule to one another.

Imagine if your children grow up and Igbo is now extinct, and they can’t even pass the language on to their kids?! God forbid bad thing, but God will not come down and do the job for us. We must take the warning that Igbo language is endangered very seriously.

We owe it to posterity.

Nya gazie. See you guy next time.