The Igbo Defender Manifesto

When it comes to the Igbos, there are so many considerations.

The Igbos are not just the people of the South East. No. The South East is just a fraction of Igbo Land.

Igbo Defender ( aims to be the journalistic defender and voice of the Igbos. Not just of the Igbo indigenes of the South East, but also of the Igbo indigenes outside the South East.

If we limit ourselves to just the South East, then;

Who will speak for the indigenous Igbo communities in Benue, in Kogi, in Delta, in Rivers, in Cross River, in Akwa Ibom, in Edo?

There are communities all over Nigeria that may have had historical and assimilative contacts with the Igbos in times past. Communities like Ile Ife, Ibibio and Igala. Who will tell their stories?

Let us move outside Nigeria. There are Igbo communities that are indigenous to Equatorial Guinea. Who will tell their story?

What of the Bantus who had an Igbo component, the Proto (first) Bantus?

What of the Afro American people of all the American countries (from US Afro Americans to Jamaicans to Afro Colombians to Afro Brazilians) who have high Igbo content?

Let’s look at the Igbo nation of Haiti. This is a country whose president once acknowledged that Haitians, like the Igbos of the South East are Igbo. So, who will tell their story?

It is fallen to and its international community- online and offline- to tell these stories.

We Believe;

  1. That culture is the last defence of an oppressed people,
  2. That there is no panacea to human ills, but publicity is the nearest approach – that we should therefore speak the truth to power,