Igbo Beauty Queen Bags Major Beauty Award; Graduates With 4.0 GPA In US (Photos)

Hearty congratulations to Ada Igbo, Miss Illinois USA Universal 2016, Krystal Okeke as she  graduates from Praire State College with a first degree in Mass Communication and a major in TV/ Radio Broadcast. The slim beauty had been enrolled in two University institutions with the help of Dual degree program (Governor State University /Praire State College).

Krystal who already works as a journalist and earned a 4.0 GPA, hopes to become a lawyer. It Recently, this Super Model /Beauty Queen was named and awarded the prestigious title of World Class Beauty Queen 2017. Krystal is also known for her humanitarian works in the US of A.

We have also heard that in the Summer, Krystal would be visiting Nigeria. Contact her Publicist AlexReport or Msilusauniversal16@yahoo.com for any interviews or booking! ‎

Feast your eyes with photos of this Igbo beauty here.

Court orders DSS to release detained oil billionaire, Ifeanyi Ubah

A Federal High Court in Lagos, this morning ordered the Department of State Service, DSS, to within 48 hours release the detained billionaire owner of Capital Oil and Gas, Ifeanyi Ubah.

The presiding judge, Justice Mohammed in a judgment, ordered the DSS to release Ubah, if it fails to file a charge against him.

2019: What we will tell Igbos- Chris Ngige

While speaking to Thisday recently on  what the All Progressives Congress (APC) will be campaigning on ahead 2019 to get Igbo support, Minister of Labour and Productivity, Senator Chris Ngige disclosed that the ruling party would appeal to Igbos using President Muhamadu Buhai’s anti-corrupion record.

He said, “Well, I’m from the South-east, so when we get there we will show them that first and foremost we have fought corruption to a standstill and that people can no longer steal at will, much less keeping such monies at home.

“The movement was from the bank to the house, but now that homes have been raided, maybe they will go to the farm to keep them. But people cannot steal money because there is no hiding place anymore. Continue reading “2019: What we will tell Igbos- Chris Ngige”

You didn’t vote for Buhari, so stop complaining -Ngige blasts Igbos

Minister of Labour and Productivity, Senator Chris Nwabueze Ngige, has asked Igbos to stop complaining of marginalisation by the President Muhammadu Buhari since they didn’t vote for him in the 2015 presidential polls..

He complained that all his efforts to get the Igbo to vote for the victorious Buhari in 2015 failed because of ‘lack of co-operation by many Igbo leaders’, whom he said decided to stick with former President Goodluck Jonathan who is from the Niger Delta.

“This is not a question I should answer because I’m a politician. But before these things happened, before the government of Jonathan failed, I went to all the Igbo fora to tell them that the Jonathan government will fall”, he told Thisday. Continue reading “You didn’t vote for Buhari, so stop complaining -Ngige blasts Igbos”

Open Letter To Acting President Osinbajo: Do Something Fast; Suicides On The Increase!

Mr Acting President, Sir:

This morning we learnt that a young man committed suicide in Ijaiye, Lagos State. We are told that not a few Nigerians now casually say morbid things like, ‘the situation is suicidal’. That is very disturbing, given that Nigerians are normally known worldwide as a can-do people. The situation is affecting rich and poor alike. Almost everyone is in financial criseMr Acting President, you need to quickly do something drastic and about the recession. Cut down on travels and meetings and take a difficult decision towards our economy that may have been lurking in your mind for some time.

Your Excellency, the situation is so serious, it is driving people nuts, but many look up to you for a quick solution. As for anyone feeling suicidal, please don’t do it. No matter the amount of loans you are owing or stress you face in your situation, please don’t take your life. Hang in there.

God help Nigerians.

To acting President Osinbajo, your most urgent priorities now should be:
1. Bring down the price of foodstuff,
2. Bring down the price of medicines,
3. Bring down the price of fuel,
4. Bring down the exchange rate of the dollar.

Sir, it is not an enviable position you are in now, but God, President Buhari and APC Leader, Tinubu chose you for a reason. Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown, but because you are leader, whom President Buhari handed over to, Nigerians have no one else to complain to but to you.

Mr Acting President, act now to bring down the hopelessness driving Nigerians to suicide.  Officials of the Presidency and Government must unite to save the soul of Nigerians.

Best Regards,
Zikist Movement
It Shall Be Well With Nigeria