Spammer threathens to get blocked permanently on June 1

Hello All,
We at were busy in our activity of content creation for you to consume when we came across the malicious message from someone with the moniker
( threatening to get our hosting account and our domain blocked forever if we don’t pay him 0.5 BTC. Melcinfuche also threatened to get sued for ‘insulting believers’. Melvinfuche said it will send negative messages using the URL to millions of sites in other to get Spamhouse to ban forever. He said people will not care that the spam/abusive messages didn’t originate from! This might be a sour joke, but in case it isn’t, we have taken appropriate legal and legitimate measures.
Disregard any abusive, spam or negative message you receive pointing back to, as it is probably the spammer implementing his evil plan.
See the full message from Melvinfuche below:

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