Video: Child picks up money for stranger and this happens!

The scene in the video may not be real, but it is surely a cautionary tale about what could happen when children exposed to total strangers who wish to steal, to kill and to destroy.


Amotekun: South East may name security outfit ‘Agu N’eche Mba’ (Tiger That Guards The City) (Photo)

With the recent letter written by Governors of the South Eastern states informing President Buhari of their intention to set up a regional vigilante outfit, there are indications that the outfit may be named Agu N’eche Mba.

Agu N’eche Mba is presently a title that means “The Tiger That Guards The Land”.Other names in consideration are Enyimba which means “Elephant of the land” and Agwo Turu Mbe another Igbo title which means “Snake that strikes a tortoise inside its shell”.

Recall that the South West states have launched a security outfit called Amotekun which means “Cheetah”; and a North coalition recently launched Operation Shege Ka Fasa, which roughly means

“I dare you to attack or surrender”.Only time will tell which name is chosen if final approval is granted for the security outfit.

Video: The Moment Kitchen Gas Cooker Blasted Two Women Away

The video below shows the moment a kitchen gas cooker exploded, blasting both women away.

Using telephone near gas cylinders is one of the most dangerous things anyone can do. That is why people are advised not to use their phones in the kitchen.

Ritualists caught with 2 human skulls after first ritual ‘didn’t work’

A gory story of ritualists who went to a cemetery and cut of the heads of dead people for money rituals is making the rounds on the internet.

Those ritualists should have used the brain within their skull to figure out ways of making money, rather than go to cut of the skulls of people resting in peace.

The first ritual they reportedly did did not work. That didn’t tell them anything. They had to go for another round.

The black man needs to change his mentality. This is the 21st Century.

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