Okada Ban: Gokada Switches To Delivery Services

With the current ban on okada ( motorcycle passenger transport services) in much of Lagos State, motorcycle hailing app Gokada has announed plans to immediately switch to product delivery services with bikes pending when and if the current ban is dropped.

In a Twitter message to technology site Techpoint, Gokada CEO, Fahim Saleh, announced:

“We still have money in the bank and are pivoting towards deliveries while this transport ban gets sorted.”

Flexibility is one of the needed skills in an uncertain business environment. You must be able to adapt.

For Gokada to be able to adapt this quickly, it must mean that they have been saving some of the money they have been making.

A lesson to business owners: Always save some of your company’s money, so that in case you need to port away from your industry at a moment’s notice, you will have the fuel to do so.

Source: https://techpoint.africa/2020/02/03/gokada-lays-off-staff/

Zikistmovement continues to appeal to the Lagos State Government to provide soft landing for former okada and keke riders as well as adequate public transport to cover the vacuum created by the sudden disappearance of okada and keke services in many parts of Lagos State.

Before Okada And Keke Is Banned In Lagos

The Lagos State Government wants to ban okada and keke. This is because a lot of them drive carelessly, causing accidents.

Attempts to get them to drive more carefully has been largely ignored by many okada and keke drivers.

But banning okada and keke without providing alternative means of livelihood is not advisable.

An okada man speaking to BBC on the issue asked, and I paraphrase: if the thousands of okada and keke drivers [who have thousands of mouths to feed] are banned, how will it be?

That question to me, is food for thought.