Ritualists caught with 2 human skulls after first ritual ‘didn’t work’

A gory story of ritualists who went to a cemetery and cut of the heads of dead people for money rituals is making the rounds on the internet.

Those ritualists should have used the brain within their skull to figure out ways of making money, rather than go to cut of the skulls of people resting in peace.

The first ritual they reportedly did did not work. That didn’t tell them anything. They had to go for another round.

The black man needs to change his mentality. This is the 21st Century.

See full story here

Before Okada And Keke Is Banned In Lagos

The Lagos State Government wants to ban okada and keke. This is because a lot of them drive carelessly, causing accidents.

Attempts to get them to drive more carefully has been largely ignored by many okada and keke drivers.

But banning okada and keke without providing alternative means of livelihood is not advisable.

An okada man speaking to BBC on the issue asked, and I paraphrase: if the thousands of okada and keke drivers [who have thousands of mouths to feed] are banned, how will it be?

That question to me, is food for thought.