Benin Republic In Race To Counter Kaduna Dry Port

Benin Republic is quietly but quickly building a rail line from Cotonou, Benin Republic to Maradi, Niger Republic that could snatch a potential annual business opportunity of 100, 000 teus from Nigeria’s Kaduna Dry Port.

Nigeria And The Projection Of Power Through Its Air Force

A US analyst has said that Nigeria has one if the best air forces in Africa.

Beyond the region: The fact of the matter is that Nigeria should be looking at having one of the best air forces in the world, being the giant of Africa. Continue reading in the link below:

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Xenophobic attacks: what would Mandela have said?

Nigeria spent billions of dollars to bring majority rule in South Africa. Zik hid Mandela for months when the Apartheid regime was hunting for him. Now Nigerians are attacked in South Africa.

What would Nelson Mandela say? How would he have reacted?