Amotekun: South East may name security outfit ‘Agu N’eche Mba’ (Tiger That Guards The City) (Photo)

With the recent letter written by Governors of the South Eastern states informing President Buhari of their intention to set up a regional vigilante outfit, there are indications that the outfit may be named Agu N’eche Mba.

Agu N’eche Mba is presently a title that means “The Tiger That Guards The Land”.Other names in consideration are Enyimba which means “Elephant of the land” and Agwo Turu Mbe another Igbo title which means “Snake that strikes a tortoise inside its shell”.

Recall that the South West states have launched a security outfit called Amotekun which means “Cheetah”; and a North coalition recently launched Operation Shege Ka Fasa, which roughly means

“I dare you to attack or surrender”.Only time will tell which name is chosen if final approval is granted for the security outfit.

Video: The Moment Kitchen Gas Cooker Blasted Two Women Away

The video below shows the moment a kitchen gas cooker exploded, blasting both women away.

Using telephone near gas cylinders is one of the most dangerous things anyone can do. That is why people are advised not to use their phones in the kitchen.

Giant Poster Of MC Oluomo In Military Style Uniform Emerges In Lagos (Photos)

Chairman of the National Union of Road Transport Workers, Lagos State, Chief Musiliu Akinsanya, popularly called MC Oluomo, is getting more popular by the day.

An instance of his rising popularity is this poster spotted by our reader in Lagos, showing MC Oluomo in military style uniform. See photos:

The prominence of his photo in the poster shows his supporters are eager to emphasize his high profile. The boldness of his name printed also shows the same thing.

MC Oluomo is a charismatic public figure and road transport union leader and opinion leader whose political views concerning public affairs in Lagos are regularly heard in the corridors of power.

January Killings: Burkina Faso To Give Civilians Weapons, Training

BBC reports that following the killing of over 60 people and displacement of over 500000 people in January, the Burkina Faso Parliament has passed a law for the Burkinabe Government to arm the country’s civilians who will be coordinated by the military.

Who will be armed?
According to the new law, any civilian aged 18 or above can apply for recruitment and there is no maximum age. But recruits cannot belong to any political party.

Volunteers must be “patriotic and loyal” and must have a “spirit of sacrifice”.

The law mandates that a minimum of 10 volunteers be recruited in each village or residential area.

The chosen volunteers from each village/area will be given 2 weeks of training. The law says they must be taught how to handle weapons, basic fighting skills, the rules of discipline and civic education and moral instruction.

After this training, the BBC reports, the volunteers will be given weapons, communication and observation gadgets. But they will not get uniforms as that is reserved for the armed forces.

Although they will not be paid salaries, the groups will receive financial support from the state for instruments and other mission-related expenses.

Also, their hospital bills will be paid if they are wounded. And they will also be paid compensation if they are left with permanent injuries. If they die in action, their funeral will be sponsored by the government.

Nationally, the Burkina Faso Ministry of Defence will oversee the work of the civilian force, but locally the traditional rulers will be in charge.

What is the mission of the armed civilians?

The Burkinabe law states that they are expected to be available at all times in their village.

Also, they are to support the work of the army and police force, to help secure their village or district.

The law states that this could involve conducting surveillance and providing intelligence to the army. But they are forbidden from conducting police activities.

The volunteers are also expected to abide by a code of conduct, but for now this code of conduct has not been made public.

There have been expressed fears that the arming of civilians could lead to abuse, but the passage of the law shows that there is serious political will to make it a reality.

See What Reckless Okada Riders Have Caused Their Innocent Colleagues!

Reckless okada riders don’t trafficate before overtaking you. If you try to correct them they rain insults on you.

Because of their recklessness, they kept maiming and killing people. Now they have given their enemies the excuse to successfully push for their ban.

Of course, government should have provided skills aqcuistition programs and soft loans to give the okada riders a softer landing.

Of course, government should have provided Adequate alternative transportation for the pedestrians of Lagos.

But the ban in itself would not have been so easy politically if many okada riders and keke drivers had disciplined themselves to press that trafficator. To horn before overtaking…

The Lagos State Government, must provide adequate alternative means of transport immediately or recall the okadas.

They should also work with the transport unions to provide a soft landing for the disengaged riders.