Should elders take advice from the young?

In our society wisdom is often regarded as the preserve of the elders who have grown wizened white hairs over the years. In fact, it is said that what an elder sees sitting down a youth cannot see standing.

While that is often true, some times wisdom choses to speak through the young ones.

If you doubt me, ask Chief Subomi Balogun who built FCMB, one of Nigeria’s most successful private banks based on advice from his then toddler son.

Imagine if he hadn’t listened to the toddler’s advice in a troubled time. So as they say, when a child washes his hands well, he will eat with elders.

Video: Child picks up money for stranger and this happens!

The scene in the video may not be real, but it is surely a cautionary tale about what could happen when children exposed to total strangers who wish to steal, to kill and to destroy.


Mind-blowing fact about mathematical power

Hey. I saw this below about the power of math to tell you things not happening in your presence, and it was totally mind-blowing, I thought I must share.

2200 years ago, Eratosthenes estimated the Earth’s circumference using math without ever leaving Egypt. He was remarkably accurate. Christopher Columbus later studied him.


Bonus fact: Birds are dinosaurs.

Do some research, and tell us if you agree or not.

Disturbing Video: Why You Must Always Check Well Before Opening A Car Door

In the shocking video below, you will see ghastly accidents that would have been prevented if only a driver or passenger had taken a second to look before opening their car door. Let’s be properly guided, please.

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