Osinbajo’s 2 Days As Acting President Of Nigeria

In the article linked to below, Punch reports on Vice President Osinbajo’s acting presidency so far. The article seems to express worry over the fact that the Vice President has not been seen in Abuja manning the affairs of the country.

Source: Osinbajo’s 48 hours as Acting President – Punch Newspapers

Man Beaten By Army Cadets For ‘Complimenting A Female Cadet’ Tells His Own Side Of The Story

Mr. Amari, who hails from Opoko local government area of Benue State, said he had reported the assault to the cadets’ director, a retired military officer, who told him nothing could be done since his attackers were military cadets.

The Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA) in Kaduna has issued a series of tweets claiming that the assault happened in Lagos while the cadets were on break, adding that the affected cadets would be punished.

The NDA did not respond to emails from SaharaReporters seeking information on the identities of the cadets who took part in the horrifying beating of Mr. Amari.

There appears to be different accounts of what happened. The man is saying one thing and the NDA is saying another. But one thing that can be agreed upon is that the man was beaten.

Source: Man Beaten By Army Cadets For Complimenting A Female Cadet Recounts His Ordeal – Politics – Nigeria

AIT Owners Say Sorry To Tinubu Over ‘Lion Of Bourdilon’ Documentary 

The documentary angered Tinubu and made him go to court against them.

Now tempers have cooled down and Tinubu is ready to accept an apology.

Source: AIT Owners Say Sorry To Tinubu Over ‘Lion Of Bourdilon’ Documentary – CityPeople Magazine Nigeria | Nigerian Celerbrities | Entertainment | Stars

Oh No! Young UK Returnee Killed By Drinking Danfo Driver 

A few days ago, on a routine drive to Sunday Church service, she along with 4 other unfortunate victims were mindlessly mowed down by a Danfo Driver high on drink and drugs on the Lekki/Ajah Expressway around the Lekki Phase 1 approach.

How would her parents feel, after all the school fees and high hopes; after all the money spent raising her? After Continue reading “Oh No! Young UK Returnee Killed By Drinking Danfo Driver “

Lagos Mobile Traffic Courts To Begin Arresting Traffic Offenders On February 8? 

Attorney General of the state, ‎Kazeem Adeniji listed offences to be tried by the court to include‎ “persons, including motorcyclists, who drive against traffic, refuse to obey traffic signs like Zebra Crossings and Traffic Lights indications, crossing the highways where Pedestrian Bridges are provided, driving on the BRT by non-designated vehicle and parking at undesignated places,  commercial buses on motion with their doors open thereby endangering lives of both their passengers and other road users, noise pollution and street trading, amongst others.”

Source: Lagos Mobile Traffic Courts Begin Operations On February 8? – CityPeople Magazine Nigeria | Nigerian Celerbrities | Entertainment | Stars