Should elders take advice from the young?

In our society wisdom is often regarded as the preserve of the elders who have grown wizened white hairs over the years. In fact, it is said that what an elder sees sitting down a youth cannot see standing.

While that is often true, some times wisdom choses to speak through the young ones.

If you doubt me, ask Chief Subomi Balogun who built FCMB, one of Nigeria’s most successful private banks based on advice from his then toddler son.

Imagine if he hadn’t listened to the toddler’s advice in a troubled time. So as they say, when a child washes his hands well, he will eat with elders.

Tips On Not Getting Into The Coming Nationwide Military Operation

Attention Nigerians, please read and digest the contents of this advisory. Very useful.

There will be a nationwide military operation here in Nigeria, this is effective November 1,2019 to December 23, 2019.

The Nigeria army will embark on a nationwide exercise code named *”Operation positive identification”. (OPI).

During the exercise, we will witness increased number of military personnel in their full military gears on the roads with attendant movement disruptions.


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