Video: Child picks up money for stranger and this happens!

The scene in the video may not be real, but it is surely a cautionary tale about what could happen when children exposed to total strangers who wish to steal, to kill and to destroy.


Why You Should Not Take Children To Visit Elderly Relations In Hospital

Taking children to visit elderly relations admitted to the hospital might seem a perfectly natural thing to do.

After all, children are taken to the hospital to see post nursing mothers who have just put to birth and the new baby. But that is different.

In the normal wards where sick elders are treated, their are… Continue reading in the link below:

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Resumption: 17 Tips To Protect Your Children In School

Hello folks, as schools resume for the 2019/2020 academic session, we saw some useful resumption security tips for children in school which we share to you in the screenshots below.

They include such tips as; “Don’t drop your child at the gate and zoom of”; “Don’t write your child’s name where it can be easily seen. Remember that anyone who calls your child by name is no longer a stranger” and “Teach them to stay in school when there is heavy rain. They are not to walk on gutters during rain, its base might be faulty”.

See all the tips in the screenshots below:

Don’t miss the tips below:

7 Ways to Teach Your Child Good Manners 

Teach polite words early

Even two-year-olds can learn to say “please” and “thank you.” Even though they don’t yet understand the social graciousness of these words, the toddler concludes that “please” is how you get what you want and “thank you” is how you end an interaction.

At least you’ve planted these social niceties into your child’s vocabulary; later they will be used with the understanding that they make others feel good about helping you. When you ask your toddler to give you something, open with “please” and close with “thank you.”

Even before the child grasps the meaning of these words she learns they are important because mommy and daddy use them a lot and they have such nice expressions on their faces when they say these words. Children parrot these terms and understand their usefulness long before they understand their meaning.

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