Trump, Putin and the visa ban on Nigerians

If it were possible, all Trump would need to get reelected by a landslide would be to grant Nigerians mass US citizenship. In Nigeria, Trump has a huge fanbase.

His fanbase is only rivalled by that of Vladimir Putin when it comes to international leaders.

Unfortunately, Putin’s Russia controversially wants to bring nuclear plants to Nigeria, while Trump has banned Nigerians from emigrating to the US.

But don’t count on the cult following of both leaders in Nigeria to fade any time soon. Why?

You must understand that Nigeria is a complicated country. The way we think is made up of a complicated and compartmentalized process you might not understand from the outside.

On the US visa ban on Nigeria

The US banned Nigerians from emigrating to it partly because a lot of Nigerians go there, and in a bis not to return to our dear country become illegal immigrants.

To reverse the ugly trend, we should make the Nigerian economy and society so good that our people only go to the US as tourists or investors, and responsible immigrants.

That means ending insecurity, unemployment, corruption and other vices bedeveling us as a nation. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of the insults.

As 7.5% VAT Begins Today February 1

The clearest way to get people to pay more taxes is to show works. Government should double up on accountability, and transparency to multiply compliance.

More taxes must mean more development.

Nigerians want to see more affordable medicines for sick people. As it is, many Nigerians pray never to fall sick, because the extra money to pay before hospital can begin treatment isn’t just there.