Guiness World Records Confirms Igbo Record Breaker

Harrison Chinedu Guiness World Records 

Igbo Footballer Harrison Chinedu Record Confirmed By Guiness World Records 

Guiness World Records has recognised Igbo and Nigerian football star, Harrison Chinedu as the first man to travel the farthest distance while balancing a football on his head.

The Cambodia-based footballer set the record after walking a total distance of 48.08km from the Redeemed Christian Church of God camp on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway to the National Stadium in Surulere, Lagos, on March 6.

Source: Harrison Chinedu Confirmed By Guinness World Records – Travel – Nigeria

Congrats Bro. We need more Igbos to make new Guiness World Records.


British Fans Furious with England Coach Roy Hodgson For Not Picking Igbo Soccer Star Iheanacho For England’s Euro Squad

The  19-year-old Igbo star has broken into City’s first team this season and scored 12 impressive goals. Also, because of the speed of his goals he has been dubbed the most deadly striker in the English Premier League.

So, it was not surprising but also surprising that British fans were livid with England Coach Roy Hodgson for not including the Igbo striker in the English Team for Europe.  See some fan comments below.

Unknown to them, Nigeria has already snatched the services of the phenomenal playmaker.

He has already played twice for the senior national team the Super Eagles, and according to Fifa, once a player plays for a national team, he can no longer be selected by another country.

So, sorry England. This Igbo star is taken. If you want to snatch the next Austin Jay Jay Okocha, Kanu or Iheanacho, you had better send football scouts to Igbo villages and catch them young, before Nigeria snatches them from your grasp.

If you want to shine like Iheanacho, buy our ebook on Equianoism, the Igbo, Afro American Technique For Uncommon Success. Contact us with the phone number on our contacts page for more details. Nuff said.

Igbo Kwenu!

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Lessons From The Igbo State of Imo + Remembering Sam Mbakwe Of Imo 

Wow, Imo State has so many celebrities! I didn’t even know filmstar Kanayo O Kanayo and star blogger Linda Ikeji are from the state.


See more celebrities from the state: Renowned Celebrities From Imo State-the Eastern Heartland – Celebrities – Nigeria

When I think of Imo State, I always remember Mazi De Sam Mbakwe, the action governor that mobilized every citizen to contribute to build an airport for the state.

That man was great, and dear Igbo Defender, if you become a politician tomorrow, endeavor to emulate Sam Mbakwe. Look for some great project your state needs, and try to find a way to actualize it.

When you are doing it, the greatest factor you’ll face is not money or the lack of it, but Equianoism: You should think within the box, outside the box and beyond outside the box. There is always an answer somewhere. It is not impossible.

Even if you are not in government, if you are wealthy, try and do something memorable in your state/community. Let us all be like De Sam Mbakwe of Imo State.

Do it and some blogger you never met will one day write to praise you. Even if he doesn’t, the people you impact won’t forget you.

Okay, let me stop here for now.

Igbo Kwenu!


Igbo Striker Iheanacho Wins Best Fluke Goal And Best Disallowed Goal In English Premiership

Igbo striker Iheanacho scored the best fluke goal and best disallowed goal in the English Premiership this season.

Iheanacho scored the best fluke goal and best disallowed goal in the English Premiership this season.

19-year-old Igbo striker who plays for Nigeria Kelechi Iheanacho has been named the deadliest striker in the English Premier Leagues. This according to Manchester City’s Alternative End of Season Awards which held on Thursday.

According to the Awards, the Igbo striker whose name translates to ‘what the people want’ scored a goal every 93.88 minutes, making him the deadliest striker in the English league.

Iheanacho also won the Best Fluke Goal, Best Disallowed Goal, and Best First Touch awards on Wednesday.

Congratulations Iheanacho. Last month we also told you that a UK paper named Kelechi Iheanacho Europe’s deadliest striker, ahead of Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Iheanacho’s feat was probably gotten as a result of his application of the Igbo-Afro American success philosophy called Resourceful Equianoism.