Igbo candidate Chi Onwurah wins first seat in Britain’s general election

We congratulate UK-based Igbo politician Chinyelu “Chi” Onwurah who won first seat of the night at Newcastle Central. Newcastle was the first general election constituency to declare, and Labour’s candidate Chi Onwurah comfortably won her seat. She won 24,071 votes, comfortably beating the Tory candidate Steve Kyte who came second with 9,134 votes. Congratulations Ada […]

‘Igbos Should Maintain Outside Investments, Reinvest Profits In Igbo Land ‘

I was monitoring a discussion on development of Igbo Land when a Nairalander Abagworo made an interesting contribution. He said Igbos shouldn’t move their businesses located outside Igbo Land to Igbo Land but should rather reinvest 80% of the generated profits of those businesses in Igboland. See what he said below and my analysis: Even […]