Auchi Prince, Tony Momoh Calls Igbos, ‘The Main Group Of Any City In Nigeria’

“But because of commercial activities, they dominated the economic terrain in Nigeria, the Igbos are the main group of any city in Nigeria.- Prince Tony Momoh, while speaking to Daily Independent.

This is not an Igbo man boasting. The above statement was made by a Auchi Prince and former most minister, Tony Momoh.

What do you make of the statement? What does Prince Momoh mean by ‘ the main group of any city in Nigeria?’ I can easily understand where he said Igbos dominate Nigeria’s economy through commerce, but the ‘main group’ statement, please if you understand him, explain to us. 

Badbelle Versus ‘Sense’ Versus Customer Service

Igbo businesspeople are often accused of using what is called ‘superior Igbo smartness or sense’ to trick customers into buying substandard goods. 

Here is our reaction to that:

People should stop labeling Igbo products as substandard out of mischief. At the same time, Igbo traders should use self regulation to up their game to international standards.
What does it profit you to have a dissatisfied customer today who spreads ‘bad market’ about you and you lose his patronage?
Why not use great products and great customer service to win customers who will become lifelong repeat customers. That reduces your advertising costs and your customers themselves will do powerful word-of-mouth advertising for you.
K’anyi lo Ihea elo.

Igbo ancestry of former Afro American Mayor of Atlanta confirmed 

We proudly maintain that 80% of the ancestors of Afro Americans of the Americas were of Igbo origin. Some came to America directly from Igbo Land. Others had to pass Igbo slave colonies in Angola, Congo, etc. 

The ones that came from Bight of Benin were the Lucumis, the Igbo Aborigines of Ile Ife in today’s Yoruba Land.

Indigenous Lucumi speakers can still be found in Aniocha North, in Igbo Land today, even though the language needs to be boosted.