Osu Caste Discrimination: Internet Erupts As So-Called ‘Outcast’ Is Made King In Imo Community

Nationalhelm reports that a man said to be “outcast” popularly known as ‘Osu’ in Igbo land, was recently crowned king of Obinwanne, Umuaka, in Njaba LGA of Imo State, sparking fierce debate on the internet.

The people of  the town threw caste discrimination aside and coronated Bar. Justine Uzoma Ezeala, as Ezenwanne 1, of their town.

Barr. Ezeala’s part of town has for centuries been ‘banned’ from enjoying many basic human rights. They had been treated like subhumans not humans.

Read about Ezana (Ezeana), the Ethiopian emperor

But Ezeala’s people saw him befitting and credible to rule over them hence, they choose him to be their king.

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Popular Nairalander MANNABBQGRILLS fires ballistic missile against Osu Caste discrimination

Igbo traditional rulers have recently intensified efforts to rid Igbo Land of the so called Osu Caste discrimination. 

It is in this atmosphere that a popular Nairalander named MANNABBQGRILLS took to social media to deliver a missile hit on the obnoxious system. Read what he wrote below that is generating reactions on the internet.

For those of us that have forever been wondering, what OSU OUTCAST means, here you have it…..

The Osu caste system, which is prevalent in Anambra, Imo and some areas in Ebonyi states, discriminates against families which in the ancient times were dedicated to the local deities because human sacrifice was required to cleanse the land of abominations. The Osu were mostly slaves and other categories of persons considered as “inferior”, as opposed to those who were “freeborn” or “Nwadiala”. As outcasts, they were discriminated against and not accepted by the mainstream of society.

In spite of efforts by clerics, political leaders and social crusaders to consign this system to the dustbin of history it is still being stubbornly observed in many communities. In 1956, the Eastern Nigerian House of Assembly had passed a law abolishing it, but it was not implemented.

There is no reason for this caste system to remain in these modern times. Slavery was abolished long ago, and no human sacrifice is going on anywhere in Nigeria except as a criminal offence linked to some dark cults. The constitution of Nigeria declares every person free and equal before the law. All Nigerians are constitutionally entitled to fundamental human rights, which include the right to freedom from discrimination and the dignity of the human person.

To end the Osu and similar inhuman caste systems wherever they are being practiced in Nigeria requires a combination of cultural reforms, law enforcement and active sensitisation. Serious legal actions need to be taken against any form of discrimination and dehumanisation.

We call on traditional authorities and churches in Igboland to prevail on every community still practising the Osu caste system to abolish it.

SAY NO TO OSU CASTE SYSTEM and let us all live as brothers and sisters in peace.
Thank you!

120 Mathematical terms translated into Igbo (and a few definitions) – scholti

Below are mathematical terms by scholti of Nairaland. Do you agree?

1 Absolute Value- uru kpamkpam (eteraka etiti ọnụọgụgụ na efu elu akara ọnụọgụgụ.)
2 Addend – nsonye (otu nke ọnụọgụgụ a na-tinye na nsogbu mgbakwunye)
3 Adjacent angles- nsoebe akuku (akuku abuo na-eke oke akuku)
4 Algebraic expression – nkwuputa oguguakara (otu nkwuputa nwere otu maobu purugbanwe karia)
5. Alternate interior angles- Isoro ime akuku
6 Angles – akuku (a kpụrụ mgbe akara abụọ mekọrọ)
7 Angle measure – ituu akuku
8 Area – ogbe
9 Arithmetic mean- ichi-onuogugu agbaetiti
10 Average -agbaetiti
11 bar graph – eseogugu logo
12 Circle graph – eseogugu okiriki
13 Cone – ikoefu
14 Congruent – otunha (enwe otu nhà na ọdịdị)
15 Congruent angles -akuku otunha (akuku abụọ nwere otu nhàra)
16 Consecutive numbers – ọnụọgụgụ sonazu
17 Consecutive integers – ọgụgụdum sonazu
18 Coordinates -nchịkọta
19 Counting -agụta
20 Counting Principle – agụta ekweizizi
21 Counting number-
agụta ọnụọgụgụ
22 Cube – akukuisi
23 Cylinder – okirikiitọ
24 Decimal – nke-iri
25 Decimal places – ebe
26 Degree -ókè
27 Degree measure- ituu ókè
28 Denominator- ọnụọgụgụ
29 Diameter – ngaime ( ahiri na-ekewa okiriki (circle) na ọkara. Ọ na-aga kpọmkwem site na etiti nke okiriki na-amalite na gwuchaa na nsọtụ nke okiriki.)
30 Difference -ọdi-iche
31 Digit – oguguaka (o so na ìgwè ọgụgụdum sonazu site na 0 rue 9)
32 Dividend – ọgụgụkewara (ọnụọgụgụ a na-ekewa na nsogbu nkewa)
33 Divisibiliy- idinkewa
34 Divisor- nkewaabuọ
35 Equation – nhara (nkwupụta nkaọnụọgụgụ nke na-eji ịrịba-ama hakwa otú na-egosi na nkwupụta nkaọnụọgụgụ abụọ hàra.)
36 Equilateral triangle -=eriri-nha nha-itọ
37 Even number-ọnụọgụgụ ha-otu
38 Exponent-ọnụọgụgụ-elu
39 Factor – nkewahara
40 Fundimental Principal of Counting – Ụkpụrụ nkeisi aguta
41 Graph – eseọgụgụ

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Mazi Allen Onyema’s Air Peace to expand operations to 7 international cities in 2019

Mazi Onyema said Air Peace is going to give the flying public a reliable, safe, affordable and comfortable alternative on some international routes, including Dubai, Sharjah, Guangzhou-China, Mumbai, London, Houston and Johannesburg.

This is Resourceful Equianoism. Mazi Onyema is steadily building a global brand.

Remember that Air Peace had earlier this year ordered 10 Boeing 737 MAX planes! That’s a great feat. The terms of the deal show Boeing’s great confidence in Air Peace.

The feats of Air Peace remind me of another Igbo company, Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing, IVM.

Igbos have an in-built cultural DNA that attracts success to them. That DNA is called Equianoism.

It is the equivalent of the American Dream that attracts success to Americans.