Isi Agu or Isi Odum: what should the official clothing design of the Igbo be called?

The cloth Igbos popularly refer to as Isi Agu, should it rather be called Isi Odum? See below: Is isi-agụ the right name for this cloth material that is associated with the Igbos? Yes, isi-agụ is its correct name but what is on the cloth is isi ọdụm (lion’s head), not isi agụ (leopard’s head)

Fix Enugu Airport Instead Of Closing It Down

Immediate past Minister of Aviation, Hadi Sirika, has said that Enugu Airport, Igbo Land should be shut down over some problems that should have been solved by the Federal Government long before now. But shutting the airport down over fixable problems would be tantamount to throwing the baby away with the bathwater. The next Minister […]