Today is Igbo Landing Day

Today, we celebrate the Igbo Landing incident that happened centuries ago in St Simons Island led by Oba, the Igbo prince. Igbo Landing was the first civil rights protest on American soil. It is also the Afro American Plymouth Rock. Igbo Landing’s legacies include the Gullah Geechie and the Black Seminole Afro American cultures.

World Bank Blockchain Hopes To Free Brazilian Afro American Favela Youths From Marginalization

We are testing whether these low-cost, easily replicable and scalable interventions can be successful in improving jobs-related and social outcomes for participating youth. If so, there is great potential for scale-up in Rio de Janeiro and in other parts of Brazil… Hope this leads to scalable change. See more

Ace Comedian Kevin Hart Almost Crushed To Death In Car Crash (Photo)

Early on Sunday morning, popular comedian Kevin Hart was involved in a ghastly car accident on Malibu’s Mulholland Highway. His friend Jared Black was driving Hart’s car, a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda when he lost control. The car swerved from the road and into a ditch.

WATCH: Christina Milian on her Netflix film ‘Falling Inn Love’

The actress is expecting a baby boy with her boyfriend, Matt Pokora and she has a starring role in the new Netflix film, Falling Inn Love. The film can be described as ‘light hearted romantic comedy with a business startup flavour’. Watch here