Cimarrón Productions To Create First Colombian Afro American Arts Lab

Cimarrón Productions is a Colombian Afro American film company established to enable the marginalized Colombian Afro American people, otherwise known as Afro Colombians tell their own stories . The founders had noticed 2 things about the situation of Colombian Afro Americans: (Continue reading in link below)

Harlem Renaissance: When Afro American Harlem Was The Epicenter Of American Culture

At the height of the movement, Harlem was the epicenter of American culture. The neighborhood bustled with African American-owned and run publishing houses and newspapers, music companies, playhouses, nightclubs, and cabarets. The literature, music, and fashion they created defined culture and “cool” for blacks and white alike, in America and around the world. Afro Americans […]

Diahann Carroll, pioneering US Afro American actor, dies at 84

With the 1960s sitcom “Julia,” Diahann Carroll became the first Afro American woman to star in her own TV show. On stage, screen and in song, she frequently played roles once considered the territory of white women. RIP, Ma’am Read more about this trailblazer:

Royal Caribbean Has 2 Resorts As Good As Disneyland!

Royal Caribbean has two island resorts you should try to visit if you have the money. I mean it. These islands have so much fun, and I’m not just talking about the beaches. I’m also talking of the water slides, the balloon rides, e.t.c. think of a hidden Disneyland or… Continue reading in link below: […]

12 Afro Americans Receive Igbo Titles

– Twelve African-Americans have changed their names to that of Nigerians – The 12 traced their ancestry to West Africa – On Nigeria’s Independence Day, the African-Americans adopted Igbo names at a traditional christening ceremony held in Abuja Twelve African-Americans, exploring their ancestry in West Africa, have been given native Nigerian names in commemoration of […]