Organisation To Provide Business Loans To Neglected Guyanese Afro American Businesses

Afro Guyanese who have complained of being denied business loans because they are Afro Americans will soon have another option, as the video below explains. However, we must point out that it remains the duty of the Guyanese Government to make sure that Afro Guyanese are not discriminated against. NGOs are only there to provide […]

Video: Jamaican Afro American Slangs Explained + The One You Should Never Say…

Jamaican Afro Americans have one of the sweetest slangs in the world called Patua. Hollywood films have been acted glorifying Patua. We happened to find the video below that explains some Jamaican Patua, including a phrase the presenter says foreigners should never use on a Jamaican in Jamaica. Watch below:

Little-Known Afro Canadian Connection With Sierra Leone

The Black Loyalists were treated unfairly. They were given much smaller plots of land, fewer provisions and were expected to work for lower wages. In 1790, about 1200 Black Loyalists who had become dissatisfied with conditions in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, accepted the offer of the Sierra Leone Company (a British anti-slavery organization) to […]

Afro American Bermuda Gains Reciprocal Status With US…

Reciprocal status will make Bermuda on par with the U.S. by allowing Bermundan insurers and reinsurers operate in the market without additional capital requirements. See link. Congrats to both countries. Bermuda, a majority Afro American country is one of the richest countries in the world per capita. We call on US Afro Americans to ensure […]

Colombia Must Protect the Women Defending Its Afro American Communities – Time Magazine

Many in the black community believe the violence is a manifestation of structural racism and discrimination, aimed at driving them from the waterfront areas where they have lived for generations in stilted wooden huts, so the government and private developers can press ahead with plans to expand the port and build tourist infrastructure. Read more […]