Brazilian Afro American Vlogger Complains Of Little Afro Brazilian Content In Brazilian History Lessons

According to a popular Brazilian Afro American Vlogger, Afro Brazilians are being robbed of their history.

July believes Brazil suffers from an institutional inability to deal with Black identity, even though just over half of the Brazilian population identifies as Black or mixed-race—the legacy of three centuries of slavery that brought several million African men and women to the country.

For July, the issue boils down to education. “We don’t learn anything about Afro-Brazilians or their history beyond slavery, even though there is so much more to our culture. So that’s what we get associated with, it’s the only thing we as Black Brazilians know about our identity.”

But, she adds, this is changing.

This is the same thing happening to US Afro Americans. How many Afro Americans know of Igbo Landing, Gullah Geechy, the Black Seminoles, Black Wall Street, Harlem Renaissance, etc.?

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