Kobe Bryant, daughter Gianna killed in helicopter crash in Calabasas

US Afro American basket ball star 🌟 Kobe Bryant has been killed when his helicopter burst into flames in Calabasas. Kobe Bryant, 41, was a legendary basketball star who spent 20 years with the Los Angeles Lakers. His 13 year old daughter Gianna, who was also on board was also killed along with three others. […]

Kwanzaa will be an official holiday of this community

We have decided to make Kwanzaa the first one of the official holidays of this community. Kwanzaa is a cultural festival observed mainly by US Afro Americans. But we want to promote it so that it is observed by Afro Americans of other American countries. We also want to make it popular again, as it […]

Paparazzi follows Afro American Princess Meghan Markle To Canada, With Longe-Range Lenses

Afro American Princess, Meghan Markle and her Prince, Harry Duke of Sussex had hoped that moving to Canada would give them rest from the media stories and pictures. But reports say the paparazzi has followed them into Canada. And they are using long-range lenses to snap photos of Meghan even as she takes baby Archie […]

Chicago Was Founded By A Haitian Afro American

Yes. His name was Jean Baptiste DuSable. Watch the video to see the people of Chicago honour this Haitian. The screenshot you see hear is the spot where he built his house in what is now known as Chicago. Click to learn more. I am so happy posting this!

Haiti AU Rejection: Offokaja Foundation Drags Libya To African Human Rights Commission

Haiti AU Rejection: Offokaja Foundation Drags Libya To African Human Rights Commission Says Haiti Is In African Continent Through Statute Of AU Constitutive Act Press Release The Prince And Princess Charles Offokaja Foundation (Nigeria) recently petitioned the African Commission On Human And Peoples Rights, ACHPR, over the Libya’s failure to bring up Haiti’s 2012 request […]

What Afro American Star Michael Jackson Did After A Bad Scalp Accident

After the Pepsi commercial accident that resulted in severe scalp burns in 1984,hospitalized Michael Jackson spent his time there cheering up other burn victims. He didn’t sue Pepsi for the accident,but encouraged them to fund a burn center instead. pic.twitter.com/OG9TY8v3L1 — 𝓵𝓸𝓿𝓮 𝓶𝓮,I’M BAD 🍎 (@applexead) January 18, 2020

Yes, the UK media’s coverage of Afro American Princess Meghan Markle really is racist – Vox spits fire🔥

According to this article by Vox, The UK press’s continued denial of racism just shows how entrenched these attitudes are. Read more.

Why Do Whales Like To Meet Romantically In The Dominican Republic?

Last season, more than 200 whales were spotted and about 24 calves born, the Environment Ministry informed. Every year, hundreds of whales arrive in the Dominican Republic’s north coast to mate or give birth to their young… Read more You have heard of whales, watched the whale in Pinocchio, but have you seen one in […]

Throwback Video: Chilean Afro Americans Campaign To Be Included In Their Country’s Census

I think it is sad that a people have to campaign to be included in their country’s census. Chile has my respect for some economic strides it has made. But it still has a long way to go in terms of civil rights. See the video.

Mexico’s second president was Afro American, but keeps being painted as white today

According to a Mexican Afro American (Afro Mestizo) photographer, Mexico’s second president, Vincente Guerrero keeps being painted and depicted as white when he was in fact black. Hugo Arellanes, a photographer who works with the activist organization Huella Negra, or Black Footprint, says, “We are affected by the fact that Vicente Guerrero is not recognized […]