The Igbo Town Of Enugu Has The Answer To Nigeria’s Power Problem

Enugu in Igbo Land is a place brimming with coal, and coal cintributes over 40 % of the world’s electricity. But what do we see in Nigeria? In spite of the epileptic power problem caused by the ‘scarcity’ of gas, coal lies unnused and actually accounts for 0% of electricity generation in Nigeria. Without electricity, Nigeria can not […]

For married women: How to have an amazing body like Igbo singer Ufuoma Mcdermott , even after 2 kids!

This is a lesson to some of those moms that just allow their bodies to go after they begin giving birth. The truth is that you can still have an amazing body after childbirth if you do 2 things.  1. You need to remain fashionable and keep dressing smart and not become one of those […]

Jim Ovia Scholarship 2016 + How To Apply

Jim Ovia is the principal owner of Zenith Bank, and like a proper Igbo achiever who has used the principle of Equianoism to rise to the top, he continues to give generously. One of the ways Mr Ovia, who is from Delta State has given is through an annual scholarship programme. The application deadline for this […]

Hurray! Another Igbo – a lady – gets accepted into all 8 Ivy League US universities!

The Ivy League universities in the US are the best universities in the US, and are widely considered the best in the world, together with Oxford and Cambridge in the UK. There only those that have got lots of money or lots of brains can be accepted. Those are the schools where the presidents, kings, […]