Establish Consulate In Anambra; Our Universities Now Teach Mandarin – Obiano tells China

I agree with Gov Obiano: Anambra, Igbo Land needs a Chinese Consulate. That way , Onitsha traders won’t need to travel out of Igbo Land to get China visa. Kudos to the Obiano Administration for introducing the teaching of Chinese language (Mandarin) in Anambra State University.

‘Onitsha has highest concentration of multi story buildings in Nigeria’ (WatchVideo)

The gist if this video is that Onitsha has the highest concentration if multistory buildings in Nigeria. I heard the Greater Onitsha metropolis is rising… Watch in the link. I want to see Onitsha and other Igbo cities develop a skyline rivaling that of Hong Kong, Dubai, etc. That’s my dream.