Is this 19th century European description of the Eboes (Igbos) right?

We just stumbled upon a description of the Eboes (Igbos) by a European, Adolphe Burdo in the 1800s.

“…it was here that I first saw copper-coloured negroes who are found everywhere in Ebo; they are fine men, well-grown and carry their heads proudly; they nearly all have blue eyes. They talk a great deal, and speak loud and fast. When they are negotiating any business one would imagine them to be quarreling and that there is going to be a fight. They are a dangerous race, ferocious, and easily carried away to the most violent extremes…” – Niger and the Benue: Travels in Central Africa by Adolphe Burdo published in 1880 page 126.

Would you day Adophe Burdow’s right or wrong in this description?

Note that ‘Ebo’ here is a corruption of the original word Igbo.

Wild Yam Question + Eri Igbo Creation Myth Confirms Igbos Were The First Men

Every day, new clues show that Igbos were indeed the First Men on earth. Read this passage culled from an article in Vanguard.

According to Igbo oral history, Eri was the father of all humanity, created in swamp and whose first food was Yam and palm oil.

This tarries with natural sciences that purports that Man had to evolve in a swampy environment that would have had both freshwater and saltwater, to provide the salts necessary in our physiological development.
A 2013 study at Kyoto University, Japan proves the ‘Wild Yam Question’ that purported that the first humans survived on picking wild Yams – H. Yasouka 2013. The Volta-Niger ethnolinguistic subfamily culture and festivals are tied around Yam festivals.