Ezechima, Prince of the Igbos of Ile Ife

We continue our expose of the fact that the Igbos were the aborigins of Ile Ife, which today is the cradle of the Yoruba civilisation with this excerpt: “According to some stories, after Obatala (king of the aboriginal Igbos from the Nri area, who founded Ile-Ife) was driven from Ile-Ife after being defeated (by Oduduwa, […]

The Aniomas were the Igbo aborigines of Ile Ife

According to Yoruba history, before the arrival of the Yorubas in Ile Ife, and today’s Yorubaland, there was a pre-existing civilisation of Igbos in the region. But, of recent, some historians from Ugbo Kingdom, Ogun State, have been claiming that it was the present indigenes of Ugbo, rather than the present day Igbo people in […]

Similarities Between The Spellings Of Igbo Words And Anglicized Japanese Words

They may not all share the same meaning, but the spellings of these Igbo and anglicized Japanese words are too similar to be entirely coincidental. Adachi- Japanese name Adachi- Igbo name Adachi-ku- Japanese city Adachukwu- Igbo name Obuchi- Japanese surname Obuchi- Igbo surname Madoka- Japanese name Maduka- Igbo name Chinda- Japanese surname Chinda- Igbo surname […]

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