Difference between royals and celebrities

In an era when royals have fans like celebrities, are they (the royals) to be considered also as celebrities?

“The branding of the British monarchy is traditionally very different from the branding of celebrities in part because celebrities do not have the rich heritage from which to draw,” says Prof Cele C Otnes, co-author with Prof Pauline Maclaren of Royal Fever: The British Monarchy in Consumer Culture.

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Google granted initial approval to build ‘smart city’ in Canada

Google affiliate Sidewalk Labs has gotten approval for its proposed smart city in Toronto, Canada. But it only got approval for 12 acres, not the 190 acres it initially asked for.

The city will employ 44,000 and house 5,000 people.

South Africa should buy these machines that make water out of thin air

In the wake of serious water scarcity that is threatening to dry up water reservoirs of South African cities, I suggest that South Africa follows Uzbekistan which has bought thousands of these machines to produce much-needed water from their thin air.

Better still, the Israeli company that manufactures it should initiate negotiations.

I had earlier suggested that South Africa imitate the UAE project aimed at towing an iceberg to itself.