Igbo candidate Chi Onwurah wins first seat in Britain’s general election

We congratulate UK-based Igbo politician Chinyelu “Chi” Onwurah who won first seat of the night at Newcastle Central. Newcastle was the first general election constituency to declare, and Labour’s candidate Chi Onwurah comfortably won her seat.

She won 24,071 votes, comfortably beating the Tory candidate Steve Kyte who came second with 9,134 votes. Congratulations Ada Igbo. Make us proud.

Igbo Threatens Global Legal Battle If Igbo Properties Are Siezed In The North

The threat by some Northern Nigerian youth groups to forcefully evict the Igbo ethnic group from Northern Nigeria and sieze their properties has elicited legal threats by an online activist in Nairaland, new2020 that unlike the asset siezures that Igbos faced after the Nigeria-Biafra War, this time the Igbos would mount a huge legal campaign against such. In a thread in Nairaland, he wrote:

Israel faced this (asset siezures) in 1948 but sued many countries that dared it, not only did they win but also lobbied powerful international laws in the UN to protect nations from this. You didn’t know this? Try it and see.

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Arewa Youth Threat On Igbos: Develpeast Calls For Asset Recovery Fund

Following the recent disturbing call by some Northern Nigerian youth groups for Igbos to leave the Northern region, despite the fact that Igbos have the constititutional right as Nigerians to settle anywhere in Nigeria, and despite the myriad Igbo investments in the region, Develpeast a Nairalander has called for Igbos to set up an Asset Recovery Fund (ARF) to make sure Igbos recover the value of their huge investments in the region in the eventuality of their being forced to leave the region.

He also went ahead to provide alternative contingency plans. He further called for a grand convention of Igbos to converge on Igbo Land this Christmas season to develop contingency strategies based on his suggestions. He is of the opinion that Igbos cannot just leave investments worth billions if asked or forced to leave the North, as that would spike the crime rate in Igbo Land. It is good for Igbos to look at what he said. Read below:

The total assets of Igbos around the country can be put to 200 trillion naira as at 2016. This is quite a huge sum to leave for others to take advantage of. Our brothers must not come empty handed back to the east because it will skyrocket the vices in the region. I urge all of you to pedal down alittle so that we can set up Asset Recovery Fund (ARF).

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‘Igbos Should Maintain Outside Investments, Reinvest Profits In Igbo Land ‘

I was monitoring a discussion on development of Igbo Land when a Nairalander Abagworo made an interesting contribution. He said Igbos shouldn’t move their businesses located outside Igbo Land to Igbo Land but should rather reinvest 80% of the generated profits of those businesses in Igboland. See what he said below and my analysis:

Even without moving our businesses from Lagos, Abuja, Kano etc. it is enough to move 80% of our profits to Southeast. Imagine if our yearly profits from other parts of Nigeria is 3 trillion and we use 2.5 trillion to invest in Southeast what we can achieve in 5 years.
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Ebonyi State Nigeria willing to allow businesses exploit its coal and zinc

Are you an investor looking for investments in emerging markets? You should strongly consider visiting Ebonyi State in Igbo Land, Nigeria. There is a growing rush to start exploiting its mineral deposite like coal and zinc, as the account of the state’s commissioner for Solid Minerals, Francis Orji indicates below:

He wrote:

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