Obiano Boosts Fire Fighting Preparedness In Anambra State

To boost the ability of the fire service in Anambra State, Governor Willie Obiano has acquired 315 Drums Chemical Foam Compound AFFF Tridol for the state’s fire fighting service.

This material will aid in extinguishing Class B fire outbreaks like the one from the recent petrol tanker explosion that burnt a part of Ochanja Market, Onitsha, killing many and destroying goods valued at millions of Naira.

A good step in the right direction.

Innoson Should Lobby Gov. Umahi To Supply Ebonyi The Electric Cars

Governor Dave Umahi of Ebonyi State is currently in India, shopping to buy electric cars for his state. I think Innoson should lobby him to get an order to build those cars.

Innoson should sweeten the deal for Ebonyi State. He should present Unmahi with great offer. Maybe, build a plant in Ebonyi and assemble the cars there.

Someone suggested Innoson should stick to non-electric cars for now. But a little marketing coupled with a willingness to innovate wouldn’t hurt Innoson.