The Origin and Meaning of the Word “Igbo”: A Response to Ozodi Osuji’s Dilemma

Editor’s Note: While Igbodefender believes that the word Igbo was coined by Eri Ben Gad, the founder of the Igbo race, based on Prince Charles Offokaja’s book, History Of the Igbo World  we publish below a commentary on the subject by renowned Igbo cultural expert, Patrick Iroegbu PHD. Please read and tell us if you agree with what he had to say. Igbo Kwenu!

This brief submission is a response intended to address Dr. Ozodi Osuji’s article published in this column captioned: “What is the origin and meaning of the word Igbo”? I developed some curiosity as quickly as I finished reading the article. I kept asking myself, should an Igbo like Dr. Osuji be asking this type of question in the present Nigerian dispensation? He was right! I further reasoned and tried to ask, of what benefit will the question grant to the readers by going to dig into the ancient world to relate how the Igbo formed and expanded as a word and as a name of a people? So, I felt the urge to reply. Below is what I have come up with as a response to the dilemma I consider the author found himself and his idea of the Igbo as a word and meaning. This does not claim to be exhaustive as to what it entails to be Igbo as a historic and people-word. There is more to the word, “Igbo”, than to the writing to convey it. To re-phrase the question therefore, I need to ask, what meaning can there be when the word “Igbo” is framed and referred to in the ancient and modern world, particularly in the Nigerian complex cultures and histories? And to answer this in a classic manner, I dare say, “we are not the Jews of Africa; rather we are the Igbo of Nigeria and of the world!” We the ‘Igbo’ as a ‘word’ are making the ‘world’ as a ‘word’ and a place of meaning and reality. Continue reading “The Origin and Meaning of the Word “Igbo”: A Response to Ozodi Osuji’s Dilemma”

Henry Kissinger Described The Igbo People As The ‘Wandering Jews’ Of Africa

“Igbos are wandering Jews of West Africa – gifted, aggressive, westernized, and at best, envied and resented, but mostly despised by their neighbors in the Federation—” (a White House Memo on Biafra January 28, 1969 to President Nixon by Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger) (Source : U.S Foreign Relations Documents Volume 5 , 1969)

Henry Kissinger is one of the greatest statemen to come from the United States. He served as US National Security  Adviser and Secretary Of State (Foriegn Minister) to President Richard Nixon. Continue reading “Henry Kissinger Described The Igbo People As The ‘Wandering Jews’ Of Africa”

The Amazing Story Of Ahebi Ugbabe, The Igbo Girl Who Became A King

The Female King of Colonial Nigeria is the story of a woman, Ahebi Ugbabe, who rose from the status of a local girl and commercial sex worker to that of a village headman, a warrant chief and a king.

Ahebi was born in Enugu-Ezike, an Igbo community, in the late 19th century. At the age of 13 or 14, she fled into neighboring Igala land to escape marriage to a deity as propitiation for her father’s sins. Continue reading “The Amazing Story Of Ahebi Ugbabe, The Igbo Girl Who Became A King”

Another 110 Awards Belonging To Igbo Heroine Dora Akunyili Discovered In 2 Boxes

In an era where looeted money is hidden in soakaways and abandoned buildings by corrupt public officials, a discovery has been mande of 2 boxes full of treasures belonging to the late NAFDAC boss an Igbo woman-of-calibre Dora Akunyili.

But these boxes contained, not looted money, but 110 awards given to Dora Akunyili for being forthright and not being corrupt. These previoulsy unknown 110 hidden awards add to the 820 known awards we previously know she got.

Dora, you are a true Ada Ndi Igbo. To see the awards, click this link:

What LaRochelle Said About Ngozi Okonjo Iwealla, On Her Wedding Anniversary

On Nairaland a user, LaRochelle, said this about Ngozi Okonjo Iwealla on her 37th wedding anniversary:

This woman isn’t exactly my role model but there are some things I admire about her (and her husband).

First, she is an intelligent woman (it doesn’t matter if you agree or not).

Second, she and her husband have been together for thirty-seven good years.

Third, she (and her husband) gave their children the best of education. I read one time all of them attended Harvard. I know you know that Harvard’s acceptance rate is quite low…which brings me to the fourth point.

Fourth, she passed on her good brains to her children (I mean, judging by the Harvard thing-y).

Happy 37th anniversary, ma’am. I wish you and your husband more happy years together.

Do you agree with her? Let’s get your comment.