Talented Igbo Plane Crash Survivor Enters Round 2 Of America’s Got Talent

Kechi Okwuchi who survived when a Sosoliso plane crash years ago (plane-fall from sky), has made it to the second round of the famous show America’s Got Talent in the face of fierce competition. The amazing singer of Igbo origin shared the news on her Instagram account. Her chi is very strong, as she seems to have a knack for surviving.

Nwa Ada Igbo, d’ eme.

Read More: http://www.jamienaija.com/2017/06/sosoliso-air-crash-survivor-kechi.html

The Igbo Cultural Perspective On Truth

The Igbo word for truth is ‘ezi okwu’. Ezi here is the shortform of ezigbo, which means good. Okwu means talk. So Igbos believe that what makes a talk good is not how good it sounds, but whether it is the truth.

The thoughtful Igbos furthermore believe that eziokwu bu ndu, meaning Truth is life. From this, it is clear that the Igbos value truth. They don’t want to hear lies that sound good. They want to hear the truth.

And we shall know the truth, and the truth shall set us free.

Ethnic Cleansing Of Igbo? International Criminal Court Will Not Allow It

Ethnic Cleansing is when you try to kill or evict members of an ethnic group because of their ethnicity. since 2008, the International Criminal Court (ICJ) has classified it as a Crime Against Humanity and punishes people who try it.  When some Hutus ethnically cleansed Tutsis in Rwanda, they were rounded up and prosecuted in ICJ. When Nigerian Government almost refused to handover Charles Taylor to International Criminal Court, do you remember what almost happened?

Anyone who thinks they can repeat 1966 in 2017 should forget it, because now the Igbos have the international presence (they are all over the world in large numbers) and social media power to get and hold the world’s attention if we are pushed to do so. Believe me, if we begin protest from Washington DC, to London, to New York, to Paris, to the doorsteps of the ICJ at the Hague itself, the world will not ignore us. Continue reading

Igbo candidate Chi Onwurah wins first seat in Britain’s general election

We congratulate UK-based Igbo politician Chinyelu “Chi” Onwurah who won first seat of the night at Newcastle Central. Newcastle was the first general election constituency to declare, and Labour’s candidate Chi Onwurah comfortably won her seat.

She won 24,071 votes, comfortably beating the Tory candidate Steve Kyte who came second with 9,134 votes. Congratulations Ada Igbo. Make us proud.