Ohaneze laments N118b abandoned FG projects in Abia State

“Over 800 projects were not completed and indigenous contractors absconded with the funds meant for the projects. We laud President Muhammadu Buhari’s courage to order forensic auditing of the accounts of NDDC.

“The weighty allegations and monumental fraud committed in Abia through NDDC unexecuted, uncompleted and abandoned projects and over N118 billion was siphoned by Abia indigenous contractors between 2015 and 2019.

“If there was such a huge fraud in Abia, there should be other weighty fraudulent activities in Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Cross River, Delta, Edo, Imo, Ondo, Rivers states.”

I can just imagine the developmental impact if these projects had been completed.🔥of anger!

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Suggestive Similarities Between The Igbo And Oworo Peoples

The Igbo people have several language similarities with the Oworo people of Kogi State. They share several words in their vocabulary. For instance they share the same word for box (akpati) and corn (oka).

INterestingly, the Oworo people say that their progenitor came from a place called Aba. Curiously, their pronunciation of the place is the same withthe Igbo pronunciation for ABa, the city in Abia STate.

The Oworo people also have similar names with the Igbos. For instance the name Mokelu, which is an Igbo name (though, there are differences in tone).

It is very clear that the Oworo people of Kogi State, have deep historical links with the Igbo. They may even have a strong Igbo origin like the people of Opobo and Bonny in Rivers State.

Does anyone know more about these mysterious people, the Oworo? Please enlighten us in the comments.