10 Recent Igbo Achievements You Should Know Of

Recently, Igbos have been making heavy strides in several noble fields of endeavour. Social media has been awash with news of Igbos breaking glass ceilings, be it at work, in public service or in the academic fields. Below are some of the most celebrated Igbo strides in recent times. Forgive me for not adding sports […]

What You Will Get From The Kindle Ebook ‘Equianoism The Master Key To Extraordinary Success’

What Is Equianoism? Equianoism is the Cultural Success Gene that is DOMINANT in many Igbo and Afro American people–our research shows that Afro Americans, as a whole including the ones from the US are of 75% Igbo origin. This success gene enables them to achieve the kind of extraordinary successes I have described below.

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