Marriage Requirements Of The Uga People Of Anambra State

Amidst the debate over high cost of traditional marriage in Igboland a Nairalander, Mrbigman1 has come out to claim that his town, Uga, in Anambra State has the cheapest requirements. He typed;

Am from Anambra an uga precisely and I can tell u dat we have the cheapest requirements.

With just a goat, 100 litters of palm wine, coconut, colanuts, some few money say about 50 – 80 k den bride price depends on d umunna.
The rich relatively collects cheaper.

From my own family, when monitized, it have always summed up to be around 250k – 270 apart from the normal celebration.

If u wanna celebrate and call the whole world, it’s ur own cup of tea den.

What do you think?


Obiano Boosts Fire Fighting Preparedness In Anambra State

To boost the ability of the fire service in Anambra State, Governor Willie Obiano has acquired 315 Drums Chemical Foam Compound AFFF Tridol for the state’s fire fighting service.

This material will aid in extinguishing Class B fire outbreaks like the one from the recent petrol tanker explosion that burnt a part of Ochanja Market, Onitsha, killing many and destroying goods valued at millions of Naira.

A good step in the right direction.