11th Colloquium: Make Power Readily Available To Nigerians, Tinubu To FG

Jagaban Bola Tinubu.has charged the Federal Government to do more to make power readily available to Nigerians. He also asked that the practice of charging Nigerians exorbitantly for electricity not consumed be stopped. He said, “We must push to end the practice of billing people for electricity they never received. This practice is a vestige […]

The Igbo Town Of Enugu Has The Answer To Nigeria’s Power Problem

Enugu in Igbo Land is a place brimming with coal, and coal cintributes over 40 % of the world’s electricity. But what do we see in Nigeria? In spite of the epileptic power problem caused by the ‘scarcity’ of gas, coal lies unnused and actually accounts for 0% of electricity generation in Nigeria. Without electricity, Nigeria can not […]

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