Ooni Of Ife Confirms Eze Chima Obatala Migrated From Ife To Benin To Igbo Land

For years it has been stated by historians that Eze Chima who founded many Igbo kingdoms migrated from Ile Ife to Benin to Igbo Land. Added confirmation to this has come from the Ooni of Ife, who traditionally is a great historian of Ife. Although the Ooni did not mention Eze Chima by name, he […]

The Connection Between Ancient Benin And The Igbo Aborigines Of Ile Ife

Ancient Benin (Igodomigodo) had a stage when they asked the Obatala the Oba Igbo and Osere Igbo of Uhe (ancient name for Ile Ife, which was then ruled by its Igbo Aborigines) to send rulers to them. Uhe accepted the offer. Many of the rulers (Ogiso) of Igodomigodo, starting from Obagodo, were

The Oluyare Igbo Roots Of The Ex Wife Of Ooni Of Ife, Wuraola Otiti

First of all, remember that we told you that Eze Chima, who was the founder of many Anioma/Lucumi kingdoms in the Niger Delta was originally an Obatala prince of Ile Ife at the time when Ife’s Igbo Aborigines hadn’t been displaced by Oduduwa’s emergence.