Wild Yam Question + Eri Igbo Creation Myth Confirms Igbos Were The First Men

Every day, new clues show that Igbos were indeed the First Men on earth. Read this passage culled from an article in Vanguard.

According to Igbo oral history, Eri was the father of all humanity, created in swamp and whose first food was Yam and palm oil.

This tarries with natural sciences that purports that Man had to evolve in a swampy environment that would have had both freshwater and saltwater, to provide the salts necessary in our physiological development.
A 2013 study at Kyoto University, Japan proves the ‘Wild Yam Question’ that purported that the first humans survived on picking wild Yams – H. Yasouka 2013. The Volta-Niger ethnolinguistic subfamily culture and festivals are tied around Yam festivals.


Guys, is the taboo against left-handedness not outdated?

See this extract below:

Using the left hand: Using the left hand to do anything is forbidden in Igboland and strictly prohibited – regardless of the fact that the individual may be left-handed. A left-handed individual is trained or oriented to learn the use of the right hand in eating, writing, giving and accepting things. Elders deeply frown on giving or taking things with the left hand because it is considered most disrespectful and unfortunate.

Extract source: https://www.nairaland.com/5628880/ten-taboos-igbo-land.no-5

Now, isn’t this discriminatory against left-handed individuals? Think am na?

How Igbo Business Can Lead – Dr Okwonko

The Igbo must ensure that Igbo business leads. Igbo business leads simply by the Igbo supporting their own.

Imagine the impact an Igbo business will make if governors of the region spend part of their budget to support Igbo business which service they need.

In Germany, German politicians drive German brands. In China, Chinese politicians drive Chinese brands. In India, Indian politicians drive Indian brands.

So doing, their national brands are improved and their capacities for additional jobs and expertise are expanded.

– Igbo leader of thought, Dr Obiora Okwonkwo, speaking at the 5th Annual Umunri Colloquim

Igbodefender Comment

We find this particular piece of wisdom inspiring.

But it will also take vigorous self-regulation on the part of Igbo business to engrave a guarantee of high standards that will ensure long-term customer satisfaction.