Court Victory: Innoson Not Interested In Shutting Down GT Bank

Online media reports say Innoson is asking for a stake in GT Bank following his landmark court victory over the bank. This us to drive his vision of using such position to create more employment for the people. Innosson has obtained a writ of FiFa which empowers him to take over properties of GT Bank […]

Ndi Igbo, Have You Seen Innoson Jeep That Looks Like A Mercedes G Wagon? Buy One

Igbo owned car maker Innoson has unveiled a new SUV that looks like the famous Mercedes G Wagon. You can see the photo above. The semblance in so remarkable. If you are not told, there is no way you will know it is not a Mercedes G Wagon. Ndi Igbo, let me say this is […]

Innoson, Job Creation & Foreign Exchange

In a time of great despair in Nigeria, in a time of very bad economic stories heard and seen, Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company has emerged as a signal that no matter what happens to crude oil, we can survive if we make the right efforts. For when we hear of scores of our unsold barrels […]