Why The Igbo Will Also Commemorate Their Queen Moremi Ajesoro

The Igbos have to join the Yorubas in celebrating Moremi Ajesoro, the same way Germany joins Britain, France, The United States and Russia to commemorate World Wars 1 and 2, when those countries defeated Germany. History must be used to unite rather than divide. That is what the Western powers know, and that is what […]


(Identifying Igbo Variants During the Era of the Slave Trade) By Ishaq D. Al-Sulaimani Vernon (Alufiel) Grier, Ed.D INTRODUCTION It is universally recognized that Igbo is the correct spelling of the tribe that currently comprises the majority of the inhabitants of south-eastern Nigeria and of whom are readily associated with the Biafran revolution, however during […]

4 Proofs That The Igbo People Are The Aborigines Of Ile Ife

We have heard many historians and scholars speak of Queen Moremi a beautiful Yoruba woman from Offa, and how she used her beauty to win the heart of Obatala Oreluere, the King of the aborigines of Ile Ife who was forced into exile when The Great Oduduwa led the Yorubas to dislodge the Ife Aborigines of […]